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  1. I am visiting and I have been super stressed. I need a good stress relief spanking. Is there anyone out there who can help me out?
  2. Are you still around? Just what I need...
  3. Are you still seeking to help such as myself? I am presently in the area...
  4. Are you still seeking to help women who need the kind of help you offer? I am presently in need of a mentor/friend. I have an inordinate amount of stress in my life and a regular trip OTK would be just the thing to help.
  5. Hope we can chat again. BTW...Just bought some flavored hummus. :D

    1. Heatmaker


      LOL  - been a long week here - hope things are going well.  Enjoy the hummus (though I think anyone who buys it should go into some sort of database of people who need to be watched carefully)

  6. Kind of wish you were closer to North Central Florida

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    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      Hi, Yes i'm in Tampa, about and an hour to an hour and 20 mins away depending on what area. I'm about 65 miles from the Disney exit.

    3. Jenna1220


      Do you have flexibility and any interest in meeting?

    4. Florida Disciplinarian
  7. Hearing the belt flying through belt loops, she thought, 'Crap!'
  8. I am not new to the DD lifestyle; I shared a DD friendship that helped me immensely. But alas, that ended due to a change of physical location. I did, learn what I needed in a relationship. I am earnestly seeking the One. I know without a doubt that there is no way that I can ever live vanilla. I firmly believe that my place is in my man's arms and over my man's knee.
  9. I know for me it helps for me to get in the right mindset to have my bottom bared. It removes any illusion of control for me and I am given to the inevitability that I am going to receive a spanking without any possibility of getting out of it.
  10. In my humble opinion, I have always felt that counting distracts from the reason for the spanking. My focus should be on the reason for the spanking or how can it really help. How many did you get? I got 20. Why? Um..I got 20.
  11. I never received them as a child. Only gotten a few as an adult. Need a few to catch up.
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