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  1. Spankers figging?

    I can’t imagine that ever ending well for you. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t advise it. “Yeah, I’m just gonna stick this root up your butt now...” Surprise!!!😬
  2. Hi! From las vegas area. New to this forum

    Welcome to the board bud
  3. Bruising?

    There are SO many variables to consider to properly answer your questions. I am upfront with everyone I’ve ever spanked. I inform them prior to the spanking that there could be some bruises. If bruising is a problem, then I won’t spank. Ee’s who haven’t been spanked recently tend to be susceptible to bruises than those who are spanked more often. Some ee’s may have low iron, a muscley bottom, high pain tolerance, or need a release. All of these circumstances will make the ee more susceptible to bruising. From my experience ee’s start to show signs of bruising before any implement is used. Some ee’s can take quite a spanking and not bruise badly—others tend to bruise much more easily. You will find out quickly which category that you fall into. My current ee has an extremely high pain tolerance. She understands that some bruising may occur in order to get her to the point of release. It will take some experimenting between you and your spanker in order to find out what works best for you.
  4. Benefits of self spanking

    I don’t doubt that you are that rare unicorn. 😉
  5. Disciplinarians- do you behave well yourselves?

    I live a very healthy lifestyle. No one is going to follow someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. At least I certainly wouldn’t. I have a strict routine of going to the gym, eating properly, maintaining a healthy weight, personal hygiene ect. I follow strict morals and am ethical in my pursuits. It’s not about breaking the rules to get what I want. I’m happy with who I am and love myself, regardless of what others think of me. I am successful and work for myself, while pursing two Master’s Degree’s in my spare time. I will have a cheat junk food meal once week or so to trick my body. I very much practice what I preach. I’m not a snob in any way, I just set high expectations for myself. I certainly have my own struggles that I deal with. I do my best to stay on top of those. That being said, I’ve noticed a lot of unhealthy people in this lifestyle. That is unfortunate.
  6. What female celebrity would you like to spank you?

    Ivanka Trump
  7. Paddle Makers?

    I am also an Etsy fan. There are several good paddle and leather workers there. If you look around you can find exactly what you want. I like “LeatherThorn’s” work, but it’s mostly handmade straps. There are numerous artists there, making all sorts of implements, out of every material imaginable. The artists are extremely talented and will do nearly anything you want. Good luck with the paddle search.
  8. Spanking

    Welcome to the board. Glad to have you here. Like Shy said, be safe and have fun.
  9. Question/Any Answers

    If this hypothetical person betrayed my trust, then I would never speak to them again. I wouldn’t keep an untrustworthy person in my circle. I don’t play those type of games. As I get older I find it much easier to walk away. I’m interested in loyalty and integrity.
  10. Spanking stages

    Haha! Yeah, your photo would classify it as burnt toast! However you look at it, the bottom is having a very bad day!!! You don’t want to be that far down the spectrum!
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the board Jackie. I lived in Pensacola for almost 13 years after moving from Arkansas. Worked at a few fire departments in the surrounding area. I sure do miss those long white beaches. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Lots of good people on this board.
  12. Spanking stages

    It reminds me of the pain chart used at the Dr.’s office. Have the spankee point to the piece of toast that they prefer in advance! Then proceed to warm it up for the recipient. Haha
  13. This Boot Was Made For Spanking

    Hopefully it leaves, “quite an impression.” : )
  14. Crying while spanked

    I’ve seen women ee’s cry before ever being spanked. I’ve also spanked intensely and only gotten a few tears. One particular very close spankee friend explained to me that she cries when she knows she is legitimately in trouble. I’ve seen this firsthand as she has cried more from lighter spankings than from harder ones. Crying has to do with disappointing the person that the ee cares about, much more so than the pain, in my experience. It seems to be much more the emotional aspect rather than pain. She hates being in trouble, but still secretly loves the spanking, regardless of pain.
  15. Benefits of self spanking

    Well said indeed. No question about it. I’m sure there is some extremely rare unicorn out there. But I certainly haven’t ever met them.