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  1. Hey just curious if you ever found a disciplinarian that you were looking for. I recently came across one in Beloit and, if all goes well, would be happy to connect you.
  2. No. I have not yet been spanked by anyone I met through this post (or site).
  3. I'm more than a few hours from you but would love to be over the knee of a man who can have me sobbing from a spanking.
  4. Any spankers in Phoenix (male of female) willing to take a boy over their knee this week for some bare bottom discipline?
  5. Male or female spankers needed in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Interested in dishing out some hard spanking over your knee? Get in touch.
  6. I'm in Southeast Wisconsin but willing to travel. I have experience as both a kid and an adult. Where are you located?
  7. I am in need of a spanking and would be willing to go over the knee of either a male or female spanker in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan. If you would be interested in taking me over your knee for a good, hard, old-fashioned, bare-bottom, hand spanking and wooden hairbrushing, please let me know.
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