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  1. Scranton area here. More than willing. Be careful what you wisher you may get it
  2. As a some time naughty boy I can tell you an Oak paddle with holes makes bad boys and girls wish they behaved
  3. Don't feel alone red! I have had those same feelings since I was five years old. Thoughts or reference to anything spanking excited me before I knew what excited was. First time I learned how to masterbate I was 11 years old and woke up early on Saturday morning. I was thinking about being spanked when I came for the first time. I played spanking games with friends of about the same age. I have spanked almost every girl I had sex with. Only recently have I admitted to myself I prefer to be spanked rather than give a spanking!
  4. Spanking has been a serious in my life since I was five years old. I once asked a shrink why? I was laughed at. Found a new shrink. Now after a lifetime of wondering I JUST DON'T CARE WHY ANYMORE. I just enjoy it.
  5. OH come on! We are all spankos or we would not be here. EVERYONE knows a spanking does us no got unless it is given to a BARE bottom. Bare and hard no warm up start to finish!
  6. otkpantsdown 49


    Spanking has been part of me since I was five years old. In my younger days I spanked most of the girlfriends I was with. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. I prefer females but they are so hard to arrange. My wife thinks spanking is sick. I understand why she will not let me spank her. I do not understand why she has such a problem spanking ME! She does give a few weak spankings once or twice a year. I have stopped asking because when I do I get the STINK FACE then possibly a few light spanks. She stops just when I need MORE. She asks why do I need spanking. How can explane something I don't understand myself? I just NEED it. Thats why I come to sites like this one!
  7. That video was NASTY Do people want real justice? Put 12 cops on the jury ! I'm sure they will have no problem giving him the death penalty
  8. The wood bath brush works even better when someone else is using it on us! It has been used on me more than a few times, and I have used it on myself. Last year someone asked me for a serious spanking for something he escaped as a kid. I warned him SEVERAL times what I would do to him.He came anyway! Before he went over my knees I gave him another chance to back out. He bent over my knees bare bottom. I used that brush to give him one of the top five hardest and longest spankings I have ever given anyone. He took every spank! His butt was really bruised and probably lasted days. He is making noise about coming back. SO FAR HE HAS SET DATES BUT SOMETHING HAS ALWAYS COME UO TO PREVENT IT.
  9. When I can't get a real spanking I self spank. I have discovered the wood bath brush can really do a job. As listed above after a while the marks are less visible. My best way to get past the pain is to have someone direct me by phone and recently Skype.I think this Skype thing will be really interesting. Yesterday I even gave a bad boy a spanking on by Skype. An older woman I met here is really to far away for an easy meet. She has been spanking me by phone for about a year. She just downloaded Skype. We will try it this week. REAL is always better but its so hard to arrange
  10. There is no way I was perfect. As a child I deserved spankings more that a few times. My mother did not believe in it. Most of my friends were spanked and teased me because I was not. Once when I was about 12 I accidently saw a friend of the same age getting spanked severely by his mother. A few days later I even asked my mother to spank ME like that. She refused.
  11. My thoughts are for me it usually involves age play. I have know I am a spanko since I was five years old. My perfect age to be spanked is 12. Thats the age I accidentally saw a friend my age being given a severe bare oak spanking with a paddle. That week I asked my mother to spank ME like that, she refused. When I am spanked I revert to the naughty 12 year old I was.When I do the spanking it is what ever my spankee NEEDS. I MUST STATE HERE IN NO TERMS THAT CAN BE MISUNDERSTOOD: I DO NOT SPANK OR WANT TO SPANK OR TALK ABOUT SPANKING OR SEE PICTURES OF ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 If you have such pictures and want to show them to me come over. I live very close to the police station and we will go show them also.
  12. Growing up I was never spanked as a child. I deserved to be MANY times and WANTED to be. Now as an adult I find a good long hard spanking is great for stress relief. When I am over someone's knees being given a severe spanking that is all I think about. Part of me wants it to stop part wants it to continue. When it finally ends I feel much more relaxed and less worried about garbage like COVID 19. What I NEED and has only happened a few times is to be spanked past the point I can tolerate it. Then be spanked more. A few people can probably understand that Recently this COVID 19 shit has prevented me from meeting with the few people who can spank this bad boy as I deserve.
  13. Self spanking works well when no one is available to give a real spanking. I have used it more than a few times. I do know a female spanker who is too far away to meet for a real session over her knees. She does direct my self spanking by phone. Soon we hope to use SKYPE I started self spanking when I was 11 years old with my mothers plastic hairbrush. It was OK but not great. As I got older and started trading spankings with males and females self spanking was no longer needed. Now married to a vanilla who thinks spanking is sick its back to self spanking. I have found a wood bath brush available at CVS or Walmart usually under $ 10.00 works VERY well for self spanking. I am able to really make it burn. Not as good as someone else spanking me but better that NO spanking. Last year a bad boy came to me for a punishment spanking for something he got away with as a child. I warned him what was in store but he came anyway. I used my self spanking brush and gave him one of the top five hardest and longest spankings I have ever given.
  14. After a lifetime of spanking and now since the internet came about I have decided Sexual orientation has nothing to do with our spanking fetish.Straight people like spanking, gay people like spanking, BI people like spanking. Its equal for everyone. Since the net came about I was surprised to discover a few things: Lots of males like to be spanked. I always thought I was alone Lots of males like to wear female panties. Again I thought I was alone.
  15. Like all of us I enjoy spanking and being spanked. Ive been this way since I was five years old. How can we explain WHY to our non spanko partner when we don't know why our selfs? When I'm spanked I like to revert to 12 years old. Others I have spanked felt the same! I AM NOT NOW NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN INTERESTED IN REAL CHILDREN. I did spank my kids but as actual punishment. Always with my hand NEVER more that ten swats. It did NOT excite me. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by males and females. I do prefer females. These days I will spank anyone over 21 who has the NEED!
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