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  1. I will go over her knees anytime and twice on Sunday
  2. A few times I have been made to release things BEFORE being spanked. It was an experience. It made me understand why my few non spanko friends who were spanked by parents feared it so much. The pain is almost un bearable after a release.
  3. I will start by saying I prefer to spank or be spanked by females. That is so hard to arrange. I have used this and other sites to find people to exchange spankings with. When I meet with someone for the first session we always talk so we know what we each expect. Usually I give the first spanking. By then I have explained that I NEED a long hard bare spanking with no safe word. Usually they agree. Then I give the first spanking, I spank as long and as hard as I NEED to be spanked. Then its my bare bottom over knees. It has resulted in TWO very red sore bottoms.
  4. WOW I bet you were wiggling and kicking
  5. Warm up? When I spank or when I am spanked there is no such thing as warm ups. Its a spanking after all it is supposed to HURT. Recently my regular spanker has understood just how much of a real spanking I NEED. He spanked me last December. I thought that was a hard spanking. I went with NO spanking until this past Monday May 10 2021. As we had talked before he really laid it on me with wood bath brush! It was the worst/best spanking I have ever received in my life. I was kicking and screaming. I even kicked out of my shoes and my jeans were balled up in a knot. Today 5 days later I'm still
  6. I will be in Florida first 3 weeks in December 2021. Let me know if you are interested. I spank hard.
  7. Very nice. She must be a true spanko. Love to find a strong woman to make MY butt look like that
  8. Scolding is always part of the spanking either when I am spanking someone or when I am being spanked. I really enjoy being a 12 year old again being scolder by an angry parent. When I spank I do whet the spankee NEEDS. Most have needed the scolding. 'THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT DOES YOU! Yes but not in the same place. 'WHEN I GET FINISHED WITH YOU YOU WON'T SIT DOWN FOR A WEEK! " " YOU KNOW YOU HAVE HAD THIS COMING FOR A LONG TIME !" " STOP SQUIRMING AND TAKE IT, YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE IT!
  9. My worst time is the few seconds when I am bending over my spanker's knees already bare bottom knowing what is about to happen
  10. How I would love to have a small paddle inked on my butt. Vanilla wife would never allow it.
  11. I have the gene 110% I remember being excited by spanking as young as five years old. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. I prefer females, but so hard to arrange. Like lots of us some of my friends and I played spanking games. Those of us that played were NOT spanked at home but we wanted to be. Once I accidentally saw a non- spanko friend being spanked by his mom. WOW did she blister him. Next day I saw his bruised but and told him I wished his mom would spank ME like that. He said I was nuts. I have usually been the spanker. As I get older I
  12. I have many years experience spanking and being spanked. Many of the females were not spankos but accepted spankings. More than a few were already spankos or became such. One problem is all but ONE never cried real sobbing tears. One who was a spanko answered my scolding questions with a severe quake in her voice. No sobs or tears. Another who was taking the first spanking I gave her , and her first spanking ever, said as she was bending OTK " You're really going to spank me!" I did spank her and it resulted in real sobbing tears. She was spanked several times after that but no more tears.
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