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  1. Many above have addressed the problem corectly better than I can! I still feel that every spanker should at least once be given the kind of spanking they give to their spankees. It make them understand what the person over their knees is feeling. For me the first time my girl friend told me that I agreed with her and got over her knees. She gave me exactly what I had just given her. There were then two sore bruised bare butts in the room. It started me on a slide to being a spankee. I still spank but much prefer to be spanked!
  2. I am very familiar with self spanking! It what I get most these days because my wife thinks spanking is sick, I have gotten tired of the discussed looks and phrases I get when I ask her to spank me. I have resorted to self spanking. I have a woman I met on this site who directs me by phone. Its ALMOST as good as being spanked by someone for real and really does hurt like a spanking should.
  3. For the true spanko giving up spanking is not possible. It's like a gay person attempting to become straight. Its in our blood and will NOT go away. I have been a spanko since I was five years old. I have attempted to suppress it but just can't do it. Neither can you!
  4. Once again DISTANCE DISTANCE DISTANCE in the major problem. If we were close I would relieve your guilt with my wood bath brush. I wonder if you could really tolerate it. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. I have yet to find a male who can tolerate that brush.
  5. Actually they do show the number. See the numbers on the right?
  6. WOW Many people above have said so many things I agree with I just can't comment on all of them! A few are the 20 year old girl ( or older) who still lives at home and is still spanked. The males pretendting to be females. ( I don't mind chatting or playing with a guy but I want to know it) The ones (usually males pretending to be female) who describe in graphic detail the spanking they got as a kid. These are the ones who have that FANTASY but never got it. There are more buy your probably bored reading this by now!
  7. How I wish I was able to travel that far! I would be happy to give you your first spanking! Word of advise be careful what you wish for you may get it
  8. I have used the site you list. FIRST I PREFER FEMALES But when a spanking i needed it does not matter who spanks me as long as it is hard and long and HURTS. So far I have met two people from this site. The one claimed he wanted a long hard spanking. When he got exactly that he squealed like a little girl, and never came back. The second one still visits a few times a year and when he leaves I have a hard time sitting for a day or so. I have spanked him but he can't take very much either.
  9. Well yes I'll try it BUT I'm not exactly a genius with computers!
  10. I was also in school in late 60's all teachers were allowed to use the paddle. Truth be told they only used it when it was really deserved. AND I really deserved it TWICE, It got my attention. But by then I was already the today we call a spanko.
  11. I have wondered about theses since the came out. I would like to buy one but I'm afraid they will not spank hard enough . I need to be spanked very hard with no mercy.
  12. I really hope you add it by January 2020. I will be away and not have access to a regular computer for 3 months. iPad only.
  13. Since my wife is so vanilla she thinks spanking is sick self spanking is usually what I get. I use a wood bath brush. I enjoy it when someone directs me by phone or cam. Its ALMOST as good as real and much harder to stop when it really starts to hurt,(as all spankings should) I know a lady I met here on this site who really spanks me hard in her directions. One day I hope to be over her knees for real. She has promised I will cry real tears.
  14. I would love to trade sore red butts with you. How close to Pa are you?
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