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  1. Never had a problem on THIS site. Last year I knew for a year I would be alone in Florida for a month. I spent time attempting to meet someone for a spanking session. MANY people said they would hook up to be spanked or to spank me, Time came all but one were unable to met for real. All had some BS reason. ONE did meet and turn my bare butt very bright RED
  2. I. Have posted here before with no luck. What I NEED is a severe bare OTK no mercy spanking. I prefer a strong older woman but a strong older male also works.
  3. Well I must tell the truth. I am a switch but mostly a spankee. I love being spanked because of the lack of control. The pain relieves my stress because during a spanking I think of NOTHING else. For ME the more it hurts and the longer it lasts the more I like it. I’ve found a wood bath brush really really hurts. At about the 50 th spank WOW. I bet I am not alone in these feelings. In the spring my spanker wants to try the cane. It scares me but still want to feel it!
  4. Not often I get asked if I was spanked as a child. I tell the truth NO never by an adult or parent. ( I was spanked a lot by some friends who, like me grew up to be spankos. I don’t mind sharingMY experience. When they ask if I have kids and do I spank them or did I spank them we stop chatting. I always ask a person’s real age before entering serious chat. If under 21 we con’t chat!
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