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  1. My opinion from having been a middle level manager is DO NOT BRING THIS UP AT WORK. Can you be identified at all by your photo? If not tell her on fetlife that you work together. If she responds go from there. If not just forget about her. If you push it at work you may be looking for a new job.
  2. Oh yes very very true. I remember the first time it happened to me. what really surprised me was when it finished I bend back OTK and asked for more. Wow did I get more
  3. All my life I have wanted a spanking that made me cry like a baby. Never got that from a self spanking but they can hurt more when being directed by phone or cam. I have been spanked well past my limits for real but never any real sobbing tears. Wet eyes only so far. How I need the tears!
  4. The most memerable one I ever gave was to a girlfriend when we were both 29. I had spanked her a few times before but this time we were both naked and I bend her over a couch and used real hand cuffs to secure her there. I used a leather strap on her butt until she was black and blue like some pictures we see on the net.She was really wiggling and sceaming. We talked before hand and she expected what I gave her. What surprised me was when I let her up she put her arms around me kissed me hard then bend back over the couch and said MORE. Of course I have her more. The hardest one I have ever received was two years ago from a local "DADDY" who spanks me at times. I was over his knees for some time. He blistered my bare butt with a wood bath brush and oak paddle. I wiggled and kicked so bad my shoes came off and my jeans tangled in a knot at my ankles. When he finished I understood why my girlfriend asked for more. After sitting a little bit I pulled my pants back down asked for more and was over his knees again. WOW did he give me more!
  5. There are two main reasons why I get spanked. # 1 I enjoy being spanked # 2 Stress relief after a good spanking lots of stress goes away until next time I am OTK I have finally after years of searching found someone who spanks beyond where I can tolerate it then spanks more.
  6. I have only cum once DURING a spanking. Almost always after I am spanked. IA few times I have been required to cum BEFORE being spanked. That made me understand why my non spanko childhood friends who were spanked feared it so much!
  7. Many homes have that rule. I wish mind did. I was NEVER spanked as a child even though I deserved it and WANTED IT SO I COULD COME-PARE WITH FRIENDS WHO WERE SPANKED. I prefer to spank or be spanked by females. That is rare. My most painful had come from a local DADDY who really knows how to spank! My idea of spanking is to be spanked past where you can tolerate it then the spanking continues. The first time he spanked me like that I was wiggling kicking and squealing like a little boy. It really hurt like hell. I still can't beleive when he finished and let me up as I was rubbing my bare butt I asked for MORE. WOW did he give me more . OWWWW
  8. I don't mind chatting with or being spanked or spanking a male. I just want to know for sure who I'm, chatting with. I hate finding out I thought I was chatting a female and discovering it really a guy.
  9. When I do the spanking I expect a reaction from the spanke. I want to hear some yelling and some wiggling. I want them to let me know it HURTS. We always chat first and they understand it will not tickle and will hurt for real! When its MY turn OTK I expect the same. All my life starting at 10 years old I wanted a spanking I could not tolerate! I was NEVER spanked at all as a child. As an adult I NEED the spanking to go past where I can tolerate it. I have received exactly that a few times. Most recent was Tuesday. My reaction? Wiggling kicking and screaming OWWW. Can't wait for next time!
  10. WOW now I have heard everything! Comment on figging: Like most folks I have a bout with hemorrhoids at times. My MD prescribed a med called Protofoam HC. When first applied it burns a lot more than a ginger root. Trust me I know.! Thats the bad part. The good part is IT WORKS and after two applications I am usually good for a few months.
  11. I'm a switch but as I get older I realize I like to be spanked more.
  12. My strongest fantasy is being a 12 year old brat long over due for a spanking from an angry mom or dad. I have lived this out more than a few times. Most recently yesterday. The spanking must be like a real punishment. That means I have no input for when it stops. I NEED it to push my limits past where I can tolerate it. Once again I got exactly that yesterday . Having said that I did have someone who said that is what they NEEDED. IT WAS HIS FANTASY. I explained what would happen and he agreed. Once he was over my knee he discovered reality is not the same as fantasy. I Gave him what he said he needed. I have never seen him again. The first time MY fantasy was fulfilled I could not believe how much it really hurt and how much I was wiggling and screaming, I thought " How did I want this? I have had it like that about 10 times. Still sore from yesterday but want it again!
  13. I have been a spanko since I was five years old. I started self spanking with a plastic brush at about 7 years old. Then spanking games with friends the same age. As I got older I realized even though I do enjoy giving a bare bottom spanking I like being spanked much more. ( I'm still tender from yesterday's visit from a friend) My wife refuses to spank SOOOO when no one is available I self spank. I have a female friend who directs me by cam. Self spanking is not near as good as in person. ( OWW still sore) BUT it is better than NO spanking. Much better if someone directs you.
  14. I have used a few things to deliver bare bottom spankings. EVERY thing I have used has been used on ME!! Having said that what I think what hurts ME most is a wood bath brush ( CVS, Rite Aide Walmart etc) Hurts very badly. One step up is the oak paddle with holes that I made from scrap oak. Its been used on ME as recently as yesterday and I am still tender.
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