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  1. I have been spanked in a real woodshed. Spanked in my garage. Spanked naked in the woods.and of course in the bedroom. I have also delivered spankings in those locations.
  2. Boxers in bad boys is also a turn off for me. With females any female style except GRANNY PANTS is fine. For bad boys all except boxers is also fine. As said above they will be worn at the knees anyway. That being said when its MY turn over the knees I prefer to wear girls panties, ( not granny pants). It doesn't really matter because once again they will be at my knees anyway.
  3. Had a bad boy now 49 years old came here last month. He wanted a spanking for something he got away with when he was 14. I had him over my knees and gave him one of the TOP 5 spankings I have ever given. Now that was a long wait.
  4. DISTANCE DISTANCE DISTANCE Long way from Pennsylvania we could possibly exchanged red butts
  5. I prefer to spank or be spanked by females. That is very hard to arrange. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. Until a month ago I never found a male who could tolerate the wood bath brush. About 3 weeks ago A bad boy came here and took one of the top 5 hardest spankings with a bath brush I have ever given, He took each and every spank! He wants to do it again. An hour later a daddy came here and spanked me with an oak paddle complete with holes. He had no mercy and for the FIRST time in my live I cried real sobbing tears. I begged him to stop but he didn't until I was squealing like a little boy! WOW I want to be over his knees again! Both spankings were bare and OTK
  6. Mine describes how a spanking should be delivered. Since I am a switch It shows how I spank and how I have been spanked. The 49 comes from the name being already in use by someone else. 49 was the number of times I tried to create it.
  7. My feelings are that for a FORMAL spanking : The spankee should be Over spanker's knees. The butt should ALWAYS be bare. No less than ten spanks should be given and for males a brush or paddle should be used. For females it depends on the person.
  8. For those people who wonder if the spanker get something out of delivering a spanking. My answer is a 100 % YES. I enjoy giving anyone over 21 the spanking the need/want. Yes it excites me even if they say they just want real discipline. NOWTHEN I enjoy being the one getting the spanking just as much or more that doing the spanking. It is best if i know the person whose knees I'm over also enjoys it.
  9. In school it was like the one above. I have found the wood bath brush really burns more that anything. It is also great for self spanking. One day I want a taste of the cane from someone who really know how to use it
  10. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. Until two weeks ago I never met a male who could tolerate the wood bath brush. I did have a bad boy over my knees bare bottom. I gave him one of the top five bare spankings I have ever given. He screamed like a little girl. He said later he wants to be spanked like that again. In my spanking life only ONE person, a female non-spanko ever cried real sobbing tears. She took a spanking just because I wanted to, because I enjoy it. When I have been the one bare over knees I have also kicked and screamed like a little girl. No real tears. A spanking past where I could take it and real sobbing tears is something I have wanted all my life. About an hour after I spanked the above listed bad boy a "daddy" came here. He sat in the same chair I did but used an oak paddle with holes. For the first time in my life I really begged him to stop the spanking. He did not. He spanked until I was crying like a little girl with real sobbing tears. How I hope it happens again soon.
  11. If anyone has read the books they know Arya Stark was given a bare bottom spanking to the point of bleeding by the Hound.
  12. The key to a satisfying spanking for BOTH people is communication. TALK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU START. What is terribly painful for some people is just a warm up for others. I was contacted by someone on this site who said he needed A SEVERE spanking for something he got away with as a child. we spoke by phone a few times and I told him what to expect. No control no safe words real pain with a bath brush. He said that is what he NEEDED. When he came here I told him again how bad it would be. Again he said it is what he needed/wanted.I gave him several chances to back out. He didn't. When he was over my knees I gave him one of the top five hardest spankings I ever gave. Then he went home. Guess what? EMAIL showed up seems he has more things to pay for and needs More time over my knees. That same day a "daddy" I know from this site came over. We had spoken several times and he had spanked ME once. I told him if he ever spanked me again not to hold back at all. He sat in the same chair and used an oak paddle with holes and gave my the most severe spanking I have ever had. For the first time I cried real tears. It was something I have needed all my life. I hope he will do it again before too long. Once again we communicated first then we all got what we wanted!
  14. Bare bottom were designed for spankings. It just does what it was designed to do!
  15. Sadly I am way too far from you to help. If I could I would teach you how to do "the spanking Dance" As far as your age goes I feel if someone is old enough to put on a uniform, pick up a rifle and kill someone they are old enough to have a responsible drink.
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