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  1. LOTS to discuss here! Years ago my cousins a boy and girl lived down the street from me. Their parents had what can only be called a whip. To my knowledge it was never used on them for real but the sight of it was enough to make them behave. The sight of is made ME feel other feelings. True spankos know what I mean! It was two pieces of leather mounted on a wood handle. The leather was a very thick heavy leather probably made form scrap leather from a horse harness or reins. I spend years trying to get possession of it but failed. One day while we were at their house and I saw it in its resting place the conversation shifted to it. A statement from their mother caught my attention: " We were fooling around the other day and I got a taste of it. That thing really hurts!" I tried to get her to explane fooling around with no luck. Make you wonder who are secret spankos. Absent experience with that item or something like it; and have lots of experience with the belt I must say a wood bath brush hurts lots more that a belt.
  2. No one is ever too old to be spanked. I am 71 and a bit too old BUT that bratty 12 year old trapped inside me deserves to be spanked hard and often.
  3. Exactly how I should have been treated as a child.
  4. Like many of us I have more than one. I would like to be an 11 year old boy who is NOT spanked by his parents. He is teased by his friends who are spanked, because he does not know what a spanking feels like. One day he tells his dad about it and asks his dad to spank him so he can say he knows what it feels like. Dad tells him OK but he won't like the feeling. Next day they are home alone and go to his bed room. Dad has a bath brush with him. He takes pants and undies down and gets over dad's knees. Dad gives him 10 hard fast spanks with the brush. He screams " OK DAD I KNOW THW FEELING NOW" Dad says No you don't and spanks him with the brush hard and long until he is wiggling screaming and kicking. Dad says " Now you know the feeling" Then dad tells him from then on his normal punishment of grounding will be replaced with spanking. He goes to his room crying and rubbing thinking " What did I get into?"
  5. For ME any spanking can be viewed as a reward. I was NOT spanked as a child but should have been and wanted to be. These days When I get spanked its because I NEED/want to be spanked. The longer and harder the better. It really hurts but no matter what I still need it and love it. I have been like that since I was five years old but didn't get what I really NEED until I became an adult.
  6. SOUNDS LIKE ME TWO WEEKS AGO! The color faded in two days but the tenderness lasted at least a week.
  7. When I know what is about to happen I hope I can get spanked as hard and as long as I need. As I'm bending over I ask my self what did I ask for this. Then my pants are down and I OTK feeling the brush hit. OWWWWW Even though it really hurts I still LOVE IT!
  8. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. I do prefer females. BOTH can really turn a bare butt RED. As far as being able to take a harder and longer spanking the females win hands down. Until recently I have not found a male who could tolerate the wood bath brush. I have had one male come because he wanted the spankings he missed growing up. I put him over my knees bare and used the wood bath brush to give him 3 of the TOP 5 hardest longest spankings I ever gave in my life. After the first time I thought I would never see him again! He came back twice more and says he will be back again. Other big strong males I have used that brush on cried like babies. It has been used on ME and I also cried like a baby but since it was what I NEEDED I stayed OTK ant took my spanking like a bog boy.
  9. In my case I knew I was a spanko when I was five years old! I didn't understand the feeling until I was much older. Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females.I prefer females but its so hard to arrange. THEY WERE ALL SPANKOS before we met. I did introduce spanking to one girl friend. I created a monster she could not get enough! My wife is the definition of vanilla I have tried to convert her for over twenty years, with no luck. I understand why she will not accept a spanking. but why she has a problem spanking ME I don't understand! She has spanked me a few times never hard or long enough. The comments and stink face when I ask are just not worth the bother anymore. I just don't ask. Its why I come here!
  10. I tend to agree with comment # 1. There is one other thing to think about . Ok Do they trade spankings or does only one get spanked? EITHER WAY IF ONE IS MAD AT THE OTHER IT SHOULD RESULT IS SOME SERIOUS HARD BARE BOTTOM SPANKINGS FOR SOMEONE. Sorry about caps I'm too lazy to correct it LMAO
  11. I once found a video online about canning in Malaysia. There were a few male being caned but one I remember was a tall black man. They were all lead to a frame and restrained to it. Most got between 2 and 10 strokes. One gut got twenty. His poor butt was raw meat when it was finished. They never said what he did but I bet he never did it again! Always wondered why none of them were screaming. I know I would have. I don't think US should go that far but public paddling is a good idea.
  12. Over my years into spanking I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. Sessions with females usually ended in sex. Not so with males. With males it has just been spanking. I only tried this because females are so hard to find. I did not know what to expect the first time. He spanked me like a naughty 12 year old. He has spanked me many times and I him. He cannot take a serious spank by I do get him red. When he spanks me it is real . When I spank or get spanked no safe word is allowed . If we can take it fine if not we get it anyway. I have been spanked past my limit twice. What an experience. I NEED it again. I had one "bad boy" come here to be spanked for things he got away with as a child. He said he wanted real punishment. I gave it to him as hard as I could with a wood bath brush. He wiggled and screamed but took it. Never expected to see him again! He came back twice more and I gave him the Top 3 spankings I ever gave in my life. Now I NEED someone to do the same to me! Any takers in NE Pennsylvania?
  13. Over the years I have discovered ONE question that is about 75 % accurate in discovering men pretending to be women. It only works for people in the USA but is quite good. If you want to know what it is EMAIL me
  14. Scranton area here. More than willing. Be careful what you wisher you may get it
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