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  1. Side 1 of Led Zeppelin 4. A 'Fast Times at Ridgemont Hign' reference.
  2. Charlize Theron hands down. Read her background and you'll understand why.
  3. I am an ER in town for work and available for an after hours session.
  4. Hello. I will be working in the state until thru the 18th. I'm an experienced, caring yet firm spanker who will give you what you've been looking for. Very nice hotel room. Naughty female or male single or couple. Please message here. Bring tequila and let the discipline begin!
  5. My favorite to use for many years is a wooden school paddle. I went to a Catholic grammar school and the head nun used it in her office but 'showed' it openly to great effect as the mere sight was frightening. I escaped all of that but I DO know she used it on naughty girls as well as the boys.Later as an adult, a barber's strop became a bit of a favorite. Those were the days.
  6. Is it a need for me? It is in the sense of being hard-wired toward spanking proclivities since youth but in the truer sense of needing to smack a bottom or I'll go stark raving mad, errr ... not so much. It's been a very long while since I've given a good spanking, either as foreplay or as punishment. Do I miss it? To a degree yes. But this site has a wealth of you fine folks and I catch up on reading when I get behind. There's a need for ERs and EEs in the end. Puns totally intended.
  7. Wow. I do remember you but never have interacted. Re-welcome!
  8. Longtimespanking is 100% correct!! Couldn't have said this any clearer.
  9. Visiting Atlanta in August and would love to spank a naughty girl.
  10. Dealing with credit default is a bad bad thing. But ... to ask if you should be 'spanked for mismanagement' of that here? Seriously? I believe you know what you need.
  11. Hello Jade. Good luck in your search. If you wish to chat, feel free to message here.
  12. Just came across this and wow ... you are good.
  13. @shygurl - I'm in agreement 100% because that is the distinction and you've laid it out perfectly. Thank you.
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