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  1. i saw rochester and i was like wow...then i looked a little closer and saw mn...lol. i'm rochester to, just ny.

  2. If I'm being disrespectful, not listening, no doing what I'm told, say something I'm not suppose too or in general just being a jerk my significant other will make mention that I'm going to get a spanking and she does not care who hears her say it..... totally embarrassing. Example, were out with her sister and a some of her friends a couple weeks ago. As sisters do, they pick on each other from time to time... just fun, nothing really to much behind it. Well I kind of jumped in and said something and it was immediately met with "yeah, keep it up and your going to get a spanking when we get home!" Everyone kind of laughed it off but I knew she would do it. Not sure it would have been embarrassing if she said "your going to be grounded or corner time for you"
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