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  1. I bought 3/4” thick paddles—one with holes and one solid. The length was right for cheek to cheek. They hurt but I went numb too quickly and accidentally bruised myself. The bath brush is reliable. A jokari paddle is very severe for self and you can find old ones on eBay.
  2. I would compare non-sexual spanking to getting a massage. Does it matter what age a massage therapist is? As long as they have strong hands, and can do the work, that is! Same goes whether it’s a male or female, imho.
  3. I always thought it would be fun to play rummy, but you get spanked for cards caught in your hand instead of going backwards. Red cards bare; black ones over panties; assign an implement per suit. Alas, no takers.
  4. I’m 99.9 % sure Scarlet does not get spanked. I read it in middle school and would not have forgotten that. She certainly needed one, though!
  5. Oh, please let me know how it works. I had been considering a robospanker, but it’s so large and expensive!
  6. I have some leather from Cane-iac, but they claim it shouldn’t need anything. ??‍♀️ I will keep an eye on it....
  7. I like the modesty of it, especially if the “father/daughter” role play is an aspect. My only concern would be inability to watch for developing bruises!
  8. CHJ52417


    Are you closer to I-75 or I-65?
  9. Loop up the now defunct “thisweekinspanking”—you have to search for it all smashed up like that. It was pretty fun. Good luck!
  10. Yes!!!! Even when it isn’t, it is....
  11. I’m so impressed you’ve learned to communicate about this so well. It’s so difficult.
  12. For self, wooden bath brush, dry skin brush, jokari, Tawse and short black leather strap from cane-iac. I love/hate them all.
  13. I would say I’m 75% bottom and 25% top, though that may continue to shift with time. Right now, willing to give to get, most of the time.
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