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  1. I can't even read all of that. The part you quoted was more than enough. I want to close my eyes. Lol
  2. I do like having a safeword yes but most girls flat out refuse, saying they know themselves and that they will use it too soon. No, it's not the same. Bare is still safer whether a safe word is in place or not as you can see and feel the condition of the bottom. To me it's more caring and personal, I don't consider a sexual element in deciding to spank bare. By the way, I rarely start bare, I prefer to spank in layers (unless the girl objects, some do).
  3. For 1 thing the majority of Male/male spanking is gay/homosexual, not all but the majority so alot of straight guys are not into spanking males. I personally do not spank males. Secondly, there are many advantages to spanking bare bottom that having nothing to do with anything sexual, safety comes to mind first (being able to see the condition of the bottom). In addition to that spanking on the bare feels much more natural to me. It feels more caring, more personal to spank that way without barriers in the way of discipline. In addition to that most female spankees not only expect to be s
  4. hello kevin just joined would love to chat


  5. Lots of questions in your post.. I'll start with the first one, the topic of your post. Yes it can correct bad behavior. No it does not have to be sexual. Yes it is intimate which is not necessarily sexual ; there is a difference, many will understand that others will not. NO this is not a fetish site, it is a spanking site. Other ways to achieve discipline, of course, will they be effective who knows? All have different reasons for joining this site. You see it as a fetish site, most here probably do not. I certainly would never categorize this as a fetish site. The fact tha
  6. Hi Mimi. I am Kevin, 37 and a Spanker from Virginia. I am able to drive and travel to Maryland. Let me know if you care to chat some time.
  7. Hi there, I am Kevin. I'm 37 and I'm in Virginia. Let me know if you would like to chat some time.
  8. Hi harley, I am Kevin. I'm 37 and I am in Virginia. Let me know if you would like to chat some time.
  9. Hello Katy, I'm Kevin . I 'm 37 and I am in Central Virginia, let me know if you would care to chat some time.
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