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  1. Little joy us banned fot accusing zhev of thinking
  2. Xtra swats for using hands 2 try & block
  3. Yes have done it many times, but most times got away w it. Wud u ever hide or misplace the more painful impliments
  4. Jaded is banned again for making excuses
  5. Sugary foods Apple or android
  6. Jaded is banned for banning dmirk for banning the site owner. Anyone who plays the ban game is willingly & freely subjecting themself to being banned.
  7. Cell phone Stubble/hairy or clean shaven
  8. Dark Rose


    I've been told that this isnt long @ all & everyone grieves differently. The fact that I never had a chance 2 fully grieve the 1st loss properly is also a factor. I force myself 2 get up & face the day & try 2 make the best of it. I try 2 think about my actions bf & wud it be making them proud...sometimes answer is yes, othertimes not so much. I'm also told these are losses that I will never get over but 'in time' will get easier 2 handle/cope with.
  9. Dark Rose


    I can totally relate bha & jaded....had 2 imp losses within 6 mos ou f each other & year & a half later just lost again. I havnt been able 2 move on as much as I want/shud, I ask myself when will it stop consuming me & my life.
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