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  1. 'Change one word' film titles: spanking edition!

    Fifty Shades of Spanking
  2. Concerning Assigned Bedtimes

    I was given an unofficial bedtime recently meaning as long as my mentor thinks I'm getting enough sleep then things are status quo. However if he sees Icant get up on time in the morning (causing me 2 be late for work) or am on here too late & not getting enough rest then he wont hesitate. Only you know your body & what you need to function properly for work & family obligations.
  3. Non-Spanking Punishments

    On addition to all of those, there is also time out though not exactly sure of the diff bw time out & corner time. I have also had the unfortunate experience of capsasin cream applied to my bottom/sit spots. Good Luck!!
  4. Ouch

    I too have been on the receiving end of the bamboo backscratcher.....DEFINETLY has a lot of ouch to it!!
  5. New Year Resolution...

    I stopped making resolutions years ago but if i did my goals for 2018 would be to accomplish my goals from 2017 which should have been done in 2016 since i made them in 2015 & planned them in 2014 when i thought of them in 2013... Happy New Year