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  1. I’m baaaack. What’s everyone been up

    to? Any spankers around the Seattle/bothell area?

    1. Gator


      plenty of them in and around Seattle, you can find several here and on fetlife. I'm in the region (Bellingham). happy hunting!

    2. Rachelle Payne

      Rachelle Payne

      How far is that from bothell 

    3. Gator


      Google says 1.25 HRs so probably like an hour and a half with traffic ;)

      Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 8.39.45 AM.png

  2. Add me on kik. This site sucks 97% of the time 😕


    1. Gator


      ha great nick name

  3. Add me on kik. This site sucks 97% of the time 😕


  4. Would you be willing to discipline a young lady from Bothell 

    1. AbleHanded


      Willing but very, very cautious with COVID-19. Let’s get to know each other well and see how it goes. I’ll respond to the email you sent over the weekend when I can. 

    2. Rachelle Payne

      Rachelle Payne

      Sounds good. I’d prefer both parties to wear a mask if we ever do meet

  5. Can you spank

    a female from Bothell 

    1. overherknee


      yes i can Rachelle. we have been communicating IN whappz\, im jeffrey, seattle-oitk

  6. Looking for a online mentor and disciplinarian. Message me if you are interested 

    1. ticlaude


      please get in touch with me Ma'amimages (5).jpg

  7. Wish you were in CA!

  8. Sorry everyone for my language on this site. I will work on being better about that

  9. It’s way past my bed time! Why am I still awake?!

    1. Poison's


      Because you need spanked? Lol

    2. Rachelle Payne

      Rachelle Payne

      I just couldn’t t fall asleep. Same thing tonight just not tired.

  10. Been gone off the site for a while and haven’t had any discipline since I left. I’ve been making lots of mistakes and fucking up my life so it’s time to come back. Haha

    1. caningabottom


      Indeed it is. Hope you find someone to give you the discipline you need.

  11. Bruised butt waking up isn't the best way to start a morning

    1. Keith Lemontree

      Keith Lemontree

      No, but good hard spankings will do that to you!

  12. About 30 min of corner time and 125 lines?

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