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  1. Hello how r u 


  2. Great story don't sound like the end though
  3. Hi rude I'm a male ee and would like to chat anytime
  4. What are some of the goals u want to accomplish first
  5. What about alabama any mother's that could really help this bad boy change his behavior
  6. I'm a 27 year old male from Alabama who needs a spanking badly
  7. I have a problem with everything u listed weekly and have been in need of a real discipline spanking for a long time
  8. I'm lee and I would like to know how I should be spanked for lying and for doing things just to try and get someone to spank me
  9. I can message you butt yo need to look up Christy here--white paddles pic--and get in touch with her.

  10. I'm 27 years old about 6 foot 3 male that has been getting away with being up to no good for way too long and I'm looking for a motherly figure to give me the spanking I know I need
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