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  1. I have been looking at to much spanking porn and smoking way to much I also lied to my sister about being sick to keep from having to help her paint her house
  2. Strip naked and do 100 licks to each cheek with the spoon then take the hairbrush and spank urself for 5 mins timed
  3. Bedtime spankings for the next 3 days 100 with ur hairbrush and 50 with a belt each night and bed time of 10 I have been partying to hard the past couple of days which resulted in me laying out of work for 2 days and lying to my boss saying i was sick
  4. Hello how r u 


  5. Great story don't sound like the end though
  6. Hi rude I'm a male ee and would like to chat anytime
  7. What are some of the goals u want to accomplish first
  8. What about alabama any mother's that could really help this bad boy change his behavior
  9. I'm a 27 year old male from Alabama who needs a spanking badly
  10. I'm in Talladega Alabama and am well deserving of a long trip a women's knee I'm 27 and male
  11. I have a problem with everything u listed weekly and have been in need of a real discipline spanking for a long time
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