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  1. littlebethy

    Find local Spankers

    any spanking Mommys/Mummys / Daddies or Guardians in London, UK for a little girl?
  2. littlebethy

    Find local Spankers

    i want to find a spanker in London UK, maybe mommy, auntie, governess, nanny, babysitter, female teacher
  3. littlebethy

    hi from London

    hi everyone am beth and I live in London, hoping to find other women locally bethy
  4. littlebethy

    starts rattling presents early

    yelps at mr too cheeky and yells at him to get outta the house cause I doesn't know him or his part in the story really at all (rp answerso nly please)
  5. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    what did Santa say to Mrs Christmas when he looked out the window? Looks like rain dear Why does Santa have 3 gardens? so he can ho-ho-ho
  6. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

  7. littlebethy

    Find local Spankers

    little girl looking for a local spanker for a 3-6 year old adulit little girl in London, UK?
  8. (I hope a rp thread is okay) Knowing Mummy and Daddy are out bethy decides to do a little search and finds out where presents are hidden. Before she does that she decides its time to throw off the ghastly pink dress Mummy had left out for her. This being done she changes into practical jeans and sweater, putting on sneakers for sneaking around. It doesn't take Bethy long to find things, for some reason Mummy and Daddy were never good at hiding, the parcels are all in a wardrobe in her parents room, which she really shouldn't be in but she is sure no one is looking who will be grumpy meanies. Tiptoeing in she opens the cupboard and starts to rustle at all the exciting presents she finds there.
  9. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    covers potty mouth before a grown up looks in
  10. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    why does Santa have no kiddies? he only cums once a year - sure get through a lot of houses though What do snowmen call snowballs? their penises
  11. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    what do you call a one eyed deer? No idea
  12. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    giggles shyly at funny jokes Why did the policeman take his work to bed? He wanted to work under cover
  13. littlebethy

    awful christmas jokes

    how does Santa find his way around the world? With a sant nav How does Santa say hello? Ho ho hello
  14. littlebethy

    submissive lesbian bottom in London , UK

    thank you ebweeones - blushing (little age 3-6 def. independent little one)
  15. hi there everyone my name is beth, am 37; lesbian and submissive from london uk, am kinda adult little girl with an otk fantasy bethy