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  1. Bleeding

    As someone suggested, try skin moisturizers. And ... if a belt is to be used, it should: a.) high-grade, flexible, supple to the touch; b.) not bonded, i.e., not two pieces of leather that have been sewn/stitched together. i say this because lower-grade leather belts are more likely to consist of what were actually scraps or thin, inferior pieces of leather that have been 'assembled'; c.) use a leather oil or cream (e.g., a saddle soap), working it in deeply with a medium-soft brush or terry cloth - leather was once live tissue and it will dry out if not oiled, nurtured; d.) stay away from faux leather - it's often likely to crack and you don't know what you're getting, don't know the composition. And finally ... for serious strappings, which is almost invariably what belt sessions are ... don't be bent over so that your butt cheeks are taught - you need cushioning to withstand what's coming. OTK is often best (believe it or not), for belt spankings and can be accommodated by doubling that soft, pliable belt in two. Yes, the visual, the aura of an over the pillows, butt cheeks stretched tight can be intriguing, but tight cheeks mean capillaries brought closer to the surface, less padding. Or so say I.
  2. SE Florida Disciplinarian

    Looking for west coast Florida mentee! (Naples here).
  3. Floridian Furry!

    Indeed - there can be no such thing as too few Floridian spankers ... or ... perhaps especially, Floridian spankees!