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  1. Welcome to SN, and to Denver! It's exciting to see the local SN community grow, especially with the addition of an experienced spanko. As for you (honestly not all that strange) question, most consider Colorado central. Some say midwest... But ignore those people
  2. First Name: Gabriel Age: 37 Sex: Male Spanker Country: USA State/Providence: Colorado
  3. Welcome! It's wonderful to hear that you've already met some other spankos on here who share your beliefs. You might be surprised to find that there are LOTS of spankos with strong religious beliefs. Many of them have struggled to reconcile and balance their need or love of spanking with their faith. I assure you it can be done, and you're certainly not alone. You're in good company here. I hope you feel comfortable and welcomed and find the right disciplinarian to explore with.
  4. Funsized and I are bringing this wonderful thread back! I absolutely love leaving marks and bruises on my spankee's tushy. It's an important part of almost every spanking, to me. For the spankee's benefit, as others have mentioned, leaving that visual reminder behind for a few days can do a great job of extending the effectiveness of each spanking... You're welcome spankees. For my benefit, I love knowing that my spankee is seeing that reminder throughout the next few days, and I love knowing that I've left my mark. I get a sense of pride, and even ownership, from it. Those are
  5. Hi there Mo, welcome back! Fellow Coloradan here. It's good to see another local on the board.
  6. Hi there Ace, welcome! It looks like you have a number of fellow Canuck spankos here. Lucky! Your comment about self spanking, and the replies that it's prompted, have got me thinking about someone I know who also hasn't had success with self spanking, but could really use it in her life right now. It's something I personally have zero experience with, but I'm very curious about what factors either make or break self spanking for a spankee. You've inspired me (or more like, make me open my eyes to what I need to do) to look into it further, and start a discussion with said spankee who cou
  7. Denver/Boulder metro area of Colorado. Spanker here, who enjoys providing mentorship, structure, goal-coaching/enforcement, discipline, punishment, "funishment", or purely erotic spankings.
  8. That's some great reading! Thanks to everyone who opened up to share a bit about themselves. I couple of little bits about me and my life currently: I'm a major math and science nerd, and an engineering student. I'm on a school design team that is competing in a worldwide competition to design a pod for the SpaceX Hyperloop. Most people probably have never heard of the Hyperloop. But it's cool, trust me ? ?
  9. I certainly did. Much like tending to a bratty spankee, plants need tending to with great care and attention as well. Plants just lack the smart mouth that gets the spankee into trouble. *Shoots MissCassie a deserving look* It really is quite therapeutic and enjoyable.
  10. You are too kind! Thank you very much. Next time you're in my neck of the woods I'll happily take you out for some disc golf or exploring the Rockies, so you can enjoy the cool hobbies and beautiful scenery too!
  11. Alcina, no^angel; I'm glad I was able to offer some helpful advice. I know it's much easier said than done, but it's a step in the right direction. And at the very least, I think everyone on this board understands and appreciates the power of reminders, regardless of what form they take.
  12. I have to second what Drew says here, and I second it in a big way! Never underestimate the power of self reflection, especially when it comes to figuring out what it is you want and need in various aspects of life. It sounds like you, SeekingSpanking, already have a pretty firm grasp on what you're needing and seeking. That's awesome! The more you continue to reflect on your personal needs and desires, the more successful you'll be at making them an effective part of your life. Kudos to you for recognizing your need for discipline in life. Reflect a little deeper on that topic... Nail down so
  13. Thank you all, again! Even though I tend to be quite introverted and independent, it's wonderful to be welcomed into a community that's fairly new to me. You all rock, and I'm looking forward to sharing and learning and growing with you all. And SeekingSpanking, I don't mean to misrepresent myself. I'm really not all that interesting... But maybe more of a train wreck that's painfully entertaining for a moment.
  14. Excellent idea..... Gabe Male 37 Colorado Spanker Female
  15. As a student too, I can relate. You're not alone with this struggle, so don't worry. Lacking that self motivation and procrastinating in school is certainly not a reason to doubt yourself or throw in the towel. You've got this, don't worry. Suggestions... Yeah I have a few that might help. Start by looking at your tasks individually, rather than one overwhelming heap. Break the overall workload down into manageable and less-daunting chunks that you complete day by day. With a little planning and self-discipline, you don't have to sit down and do it all at once. It might even become a ver
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