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  1. Baring bottom?

    if frontal nudity is a problem, the ee can wear a robe opening in the back which can then be opened after positioning over the knee.
  2. Clearwater, Florida

    I am a mature, responsible man near Clearwater, Florida if you would like to chat. I would like to find one (or two ladies) who can top (or switch if you wish).
  3. Professional Domestic Disciplinarian Elizabeth Burns in Detroit

    Miss Burns is the greatest at what she does, you will not be disappointed if you make an appointment with her.
  4. Southeast Discipline - Florida/Southeastern states

    My respects I am a longtime spanko with some experience over the knee of a lady very much in need of some attention from someone who knows how to treat a lazy boy. I have lived in Pinellas county for a long time and have a house near countryside. Please email me if I could take you to lunch or something for your evaluation as to my value as a subject. Tampabaydanny dvbedge@gmail.com