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  1. Spanking art

    Which post you like the best? Let me know and i add similar artwork/image.
  2. Spanking art

    Thanks but i actually am not the artist. I just post spanking artwork i find on the internet or any picture that has some art/expression/imagination element in the context of spanking.
  3. Spanking art

    Some more non-naked spanking: Which one you like most? let me know your opinion ....
  4. Spanking art

    which implement are effectives with jeans on?
  5. Spanking art

    Don't know, a model perhaps, but the expression look artistic to me
  6. Spanking art

    I see. Interesting
  7. Spanking art

    What do you thinlk about this one?
  8. I want to study spanking as a phenomenon. In psychology they call it sublimation. I will post several polls, gradually adding more levels to the answers. Thanks
  9. Spanking art

    What about this one from realspankings.com?
  10. Spanking art

    Here is F/M for cowboy