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  1. How did this all start?

    I have felt attracted to It since I was a kid. I dont remember what the trigger was, but I suspect that It was something I Saw or experienced but I cant remember or my mind couldnt process.
  2. Methods of discipline

    Kneeling while You stretch out your arms. Pinching, slapping, standing looking at the wall, ear twisting, doing housework...
  3. Members from egypt

    Hi, how are You? What is the typical spanking implement in Egypt? A slipper? Are there Many spankos around? No, I am not from Egypt. I Hope You got what You were looking for.
  4. Hello, introduction here

    Hi, where/when are You coming?
  5. You know you're a Spanko if...

    If You were a kid that looked certain words up in the dictionary and craved for spanking scenes in books and comics.
  6. Favorite/Least Favorite Spanking Implements

    Favourite: hand, wooden ruler, slipper (I know its more common in the UK) and belt, in no particular order. From my favourites, the belt is my least favourite (so to say). I also like the wooden spoon, brushes and before all I like to please the spankee tastes, so I am flexible. I dont have an implement I hate, but I could say I dont feel very attracted to the cane.
  7. My spanking alarm triggers when I see men in nice uniforms, (aka police, pilot...) and if they have some power, much better! Good to see them "shamed" by a pettite woman regardless of their power. I also like to see men deafeated by their environment, for example, the pilot whose nose was nonstop bleeding and he was holding a tissue against his nose and trying to shake hands with the passegers at the same time, while they were getting out of the plane. For obvious reasons of decorum and hygiene, he gave up, falling in a symbolic defeat. At the time, I wish he was a spankee (which I never confirmed) and I could get him over my knee to give him a proper defeat. I dont enjoy fatal stuff, diseases, or cruel things, just a bit of "humorous" inconvenience like that time. Psycological submission. Yes, I wonder... Cheers
  8. Write a ten word "spanking story" .

    Your bottom Will look like a ripe tomato soon, boy.
  9. Hello, introduction here

    Hello, I am a 36 yrs old woman from Spain, Europe, interested in Spanking. I prefer being the spanker but I wouldnt mind being spanked now and then. I would love to Talk and Play about it. My favourite is OTK, using a slipper and I love the Game! I like It to keep It colourful (red?) :-) Hope to hear from You soon!