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  1. Ese nombre que escogió para este sitio....Venaquí - buen hecho!  Muy apropiado!  

  2. They are all physical punishments, not that I see them as such or that I am into them, I am just listing some I can think of to answer the poster above. I agree that limits are important, even different ways to give a spanking could be seen as "abuse". Some like a lot pain, some not, some like psychological punishment, some.not. personally, I wouldnt like to be slapped in the face, and I.am not into a.lot of pain, either.
  3. This is a superb post, thank you. Good obvservations. How would a country like Portugal fall on that categorization?
  4. It is being changed now to fit political correctness, I think. Old version went: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.She had so many children, she didn't know what to do;She gave them some broth without any bread;Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.
  5. If the the no-sex limits are strictly observed, then yes. Otherwise it feels creepy to me. The strict mamá versus the naughty son or the teacher vs student can have a lot of potential.
  6. They dont necessarily need to be fun, it depends on the type. My favourite type of spanking has the «enjoyment» and the «light hearted pleasure» in it. I like the idea of the spankee closing his eyes with a smile on his face, feeling completely safe and at ease. FUN attached here. If its for real discpline, thats obviously not going to happen nor do I want it. Then I want him to sigh, moan, green his teeth, try to grab the chair legs hehe, whatever to show his displeasure. It is being a lesson learnt rather than a time of fun, enjoyment and heart lighted pleasure. NOT FUN attached here. The
  7. Hi Rebeca, be careful with the pics, youbg girl...! Lol (Ten cuidado con los moscardones!!!). I am a switch from Spain, so feel free to message me anytime you want to talk or play about «azotes»/(«nalgadas in México») in Spanish. Its great to be a switch in languages as well. Ta lue!!
  8. I can see spanking in everything! I was watching a pop video from the 80's and a good number of pictures from the video made me think of spanking. Men in elegant clothes and certain attitudes put me in a spanking mood (me spanking them of course). For me, its very subtle, little suspicious. This was the pic in particular. These young men in their tuxedos sent an electric shock to my brain which made me tap my fingers on the table in agony. LoL The elegant and resigned attitude, looking down. I would just spank one after the other, starting on their tuxedos to finally just smack on the bare, by
  9. It had always been there and I didnt try to figure it why. Then I came to realize that there was something weird about it, maybe «wrong» , «perverted» and I didnt like it. I tried to ignore it a few times in my life but it always came back like a boomerang effect. The hardest I threw it, the hardest it returned crazily spinning to me. So I stopped throwing it and started to learn how to like it and not feel guilty about it. I love it, its part of me and how I see the world and I dont have the slightest intention to repress it.
  10. I can get turned on by other things than spanking but spanking is my most recurrent fantasy.
  11. I would like to be spanked by a man and Id prefer spanking males as well, that's It. Why? Hmmm for me, there is something intrinsically arousing in a woman dominating a man, perhaps because historically women have been regarded as "weaker". At the same time, (here is how my spanking mechanisms work) I sometimes feel incredibly attracted to the idea of being punished by "a man in charge". I might say that depending on my mood and the person's looks and attitude I would feel more like an ER ir EE. Anyway, my ER side dominates, I think.
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