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  1. Good enough. It's not like it would be if she had an innate tendency toward spanking, but it definitely does the trick!
  2. Yeah, she's vanilla in temperament - that is, the spanking means nothing to her. When I made first made this account I was 20-21, hence the 'kid' lol
  3. It is, and I love her to pieces for it. I usually need to request it or very transparently hint towards it, but I can't complain. I really lucked out.
  4. Self spanking has always been very difficult for me, as my feelings about being spanked are, to the best of my knowledge, more of a function of being controlled than of the pain per se. The best I can get out of self spanking is adding a sensory element to my fantasies of being spanked by someone for real.
  5. Technically, I joined this site almost 5 years ago, but I never really got active. Now I've decided to. I'm a 26 year old male, married with kids. My wife is vanilla but she's a wonderful partner and spanks me with her hand or a paddle. Looking forward to enjoying the site!
  6. Give yourself 50 whacks with a wooden paddle/hairbrush over your pants, another 50 over your underwear, and a final 50 over your bare butt. As for me, I repeatedly fail to meet my own deadlines for my work (I have my own business). I procrastinate and waste time constantly.
  7. Many of us have been enamored by spanking since we were little, and most of us probably occasionally got punished in that way too. What I'm curious about is when and under what circumstances did you first start playing around with spankings to satisfy your itch? In my case it started in 5th grade. Me and another boy (I forget how this originally started, btw) would sneak off during recess to an empty part of the school building and would take turns spanking each other. We did this for like a year until it became no longer feasible.
  8. Only way I can tell in a brief conversation is if somebody mentions the word "spanking" for whatever reason. There will almost always be a slight reaction on the part of someone who gets a thrill from it, especially if it's a sexual sort of thing.
  9. This actually brought back a memory. I've enjoyed spanking since I was a little kid, even before I realized what that meant. One evening I was laying on the floor reading a book and absent-mindedly smacking my bottom over my pants. All of a sudden I heard a whole lot of giggling behind me - apparently my brother and sister (2 and 4 years older than me, respectively) had been watching me for some time. My sister decided to "help me" if I was going to be smacking myself anyway, but I was so flustered that I just ran away, even though I was dying to get a spanking like that. I must've been like 8 at the time.
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