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  1. I am looking for a partner to bare his bottom and take OTK on a regular basis, holidays would get a special extra spanking. Do like younger men ARE YOU MARRIED?
  2. If you ever get to southwestern PA I could give you that spanking that you want to stop but keeps going on till I think pain and red ass shows it.
  3. It seems like you are unsure of male spankers. This is just a thought, since your partner is open in relationship seek a female spanker. Let her turn that butt bright red then go home to partner for sex. He may see just how turn on and wet you are from the spanking that your next one could be from him. He may also like seeing your butt red.
  4. Hello momma_s_boy interested to know what a Spencer Plan of Marriage is? I am a female spanker not in a spanking relationship but would love to be in control of a man. I believe a man should have a maintance spanking weekly. Hope to hear from you.
  5. It can be women ees if that is partner preference or are you thinking about game that spanker women would be playing to spank each other?
  6. Oh it was so much fun pulling his red pants down to reveal underwear with elves on it that came down quickly to reveal cold white butt cheeks that at end of night returned home with red butt color of suit with tears in eyes not a twinkle. True happened last Christmas as I know the man who plays Santa in area as a regular. One evening he was playing Santa at our party in building I live and after we had spanking party very fun.
  7. My thought was for the woman to have conversation about rules set for partner, how many times a week disciplined, implements, time outs. play games all the while maybe partners wear aprons serving drinks and food. Then at end of night they line up we bring out implement of choice and each one goes over the lap of each lady for at least 5 good swats, or if you don't want to share the we all spank partner at same time. The night will be humiliating to all men. This does not have to be done everytime meeting but just a thought especially when it is a week they are spanked for maintanence or n
  8. I might have to start one, what do you think we should do when getting together?
  9. I was wondering if there are any spanking groups in the southwestern part of PA? Any woman spanking clubs?
  10. Santa also gets spanked I know. I spank him.
  11. I have spanked a cross dresser wearing panties garter and hose as he came wearing skirt and slip. When spanking was almost done asked to insert butt plug and finish spanking and I did he left red sore and butt plug in. I also administer self spanking instruction to man wearing panties he likes the feel of it while spanked.
  12. Blake I am a mature 67 year old woman spanker in southwestern PA.  Can give your bare bottom a good old fashioned spanking.  If interested message me.  Deb

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      I will email you today ma'am.  I am naughtynakedhouseboy@yahoo.com

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      I emailed you ma'am. 

  13. aust0226ap I am an hour distance to travel for you to met me for a spanking session. I live south of Pittsburgh. If interest message me.
  14. I hope you have found someone to motivate you, I would but too far for me to travel. Happy Spanking .
  15. I am a female spanker. Don't know where in PA you are but I am in south western PA below Pittsburgh. Like to chat?
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