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  1. Thanks, @Peek-a-boo , that’s really good advice there were definitely things I thought I would say in person that I couldn’t bring myself to say in the moment.
  2. Yesterday, I had my first “real” spanking, aside from a few errant swats from old boyfriends. A few weeks ago I decided I finally was ready to receive a disciplinary/punishment spanking (what’s the difference again?), after desiring one for my whole life. My spanking was from a (significantly) older man who has mentored a few other young women who are exploring spanking, and he made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe right from our introductory meeting through now. I don’t have anyone to process these day-after feelings with so I wanted to post here, to process it and solicit some advice. He only used his hand, as I requested, but it hurt more than I ever thought it would, even from the first smack. Everyone says that but it’s so true - it really hurts to get spanked, not sexy and stingy like you think it will be. I didn’t cry but I’ve read enough posts on message boards to know that crying when your spanker is a near-stranger is rare. Sitting on a warm bottom has given me a nice reminder all day of the spanking. I think my only complaint/weird feeling about the experience is I wish he had insisted on aftercare or I wish I knew how to request it. We hugged for a minute when we decided the spanking was done, but he didn’t move to make any other physical connection. I didn’t really know how to initiate or ask for him to go back to embracing me, or rub my bruising bottom, or something... I assume he was just trying to be respectful and not make unwanted physical contact after the spanking had formally ended. If that’s the case, what’s a normal way to ask for some aftercare next time? Thank you for reading I would love to hear any and all replies or stories of your first time/experiences with an older or less familiar-to-you spanker.
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