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  1. I still remember sneaking Appetite for Destruction ( and Anthrax - Among the Living ) past my Mum when I was 15 !
  2. The important thing for me at least is the attitude of the spanker. I need someone whose able to be in complete charge of me during the punishment.
  3. If I'm with someone I feel complete trust with than yes. I tend to be very very cautious around everyone until I really get to know them though.
  4. With my average listening I tend to consider Metallica easy listening !
  5. lol I used to write entire hardcore punk lyrics on desks but because they were so obscure I never got caught. Also accidentally started a riot at school once and came close to being expelled for smoking pot when I was 18. I was a bad boy ?
  6. I'll carry on being the way I am - polite, kind, considerate because it's who I am but I am just empty inside now.
  7. Apparently during the 70s when Queen were having some internal band problems that got sorted out Brian May nearly left after he had an offer to join AC/DC but ultimately declined when he decided that he would look too tall in comparison to Malcolm ( RIP dude ) and Angus Young...Yep if you want rock trivia I'm yer man !
  8. At the end of the day if people stay within the guidelines they're free to post as they wish. Perhaps I didn't explain my point clearly ( that is a fault of mine in general I know ) - I really wasn't suggesting the admins take any action here. Just pointing out that going into this in little steps may be beneficial. That's all
  9. Big respect to Neil Diamond - amazing songwriter !
  10. Well worth watching - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR3eF8YlwNY
  11. So I love the idea of spanking a ladies bottom to some classic rock music ( AC/DC for me ) - but would love to hear others thoughts. Sorry I don't know how to do 2 separate polls for ees and ers.
  12. Some thoughts. 1.The use of the word "retarded" is wrong but you're young and still making mistakes. Not an excuse I'll add but a chance to grow. I work with and alongside adults with learning difficulties. You should consider doing some voluntary work maybe ? 2.The book - You haven't said whether this was made for you specifically or if you're just annoyed that the product didn't match what you needed. If it's the first polite communication to ask for what you want is key and if that doesn't work - move on. If its just a book you got online - again move on. 3.I'm not going to be ( too ) judgemental here as I had some similar issue with taking out my temper on my own property a few years ago. My mentor at the time disciplined me for that and pointed out that I needed to find a more effective and appropriate way of expressing my anger. How you do that is up to you but personally I find going for walks, playing bass ( just for fun - I'm no Geddy Lee ! ) or listening to really aggressive music like grime or black metal helps me. 4.Destroying others property - totally unacceptable - you need to apologise if you haven't already and make amends and pay. 5.I was in counselling for a long time and some of my issues were around anger as well. My therapist was pretty tough with me ( thank you ) and told me that whatever had happened to me in the past - it was now my responsibility to fix it. Angers a difficult emotion and I'm not going to do a Yoda and tell you to avoid it but you need find a way to channel it in a positive way.
  13. This isn't one of those gee isn't everything great posts because that's just not true but I was travelling in my local area ( Essex in the UK - we're the county east of London basically ) and whilst we have are share of problems and sometimes a bad image I just noticed genuinely how beautiful our skies are when cloudy. We get these metallic grey/almost translucent gunmetal blue skies that I've honestly never seen anywhere else. I did try to get a photo but was moving too fast on the train. I've also considered myself a realistic person not a hopeful one but I will point out what I think is good around me if I can. Also Essex people ( in most cases ) once you get to know us are about the friendliest down to earth people ever even with our accent(s). Very proud to come from here.
  14. The Spank Wars saga The Spanking Menace Attack of the Spanks The Revenge of the Spanking A New Spank The Empire Spanks back The Return of the Spanking The Spanking awakes The Last Spanking ...and the other ones
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