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  1. Sometimes being frustrated trying to find other spankos and or specific scenarios or situations, I've wondered if I received an extreme spanking Beyond tears Etc if it would be all i needed and be out of my system but a couple people have told me they doubt it would work.
  2. I want one! I have wanted one (hopefully with time release cuffs) since i found out they exsist. But, i cant afford one. I have even tried to find one for rent or to borrow.
  3. Cincinnati as well. Busy schedule?
  4. Im male and I chose a male disciplinarian over a female to take any sexual attention out of it. Plus better upper body strength to swat or hold in position
  5. I have to for more serious stuff or repetitive stuff. I agree, as soon as i get off i want nothing to do with a spanking and it stings and sinks in more that way
  6. Cincinnati and columbus switch here... Any disciplinarians for guys around?
  7. Cincinnati / Columbus here...
  8. I want to try one but i cant afford one. Ive been looking for a used one or a dungeon rental to try it. To the point that i thought about signing up to model the machine just to try it lol (Cincinnati area) Any ideas where to find or use them?
  9. Im a guy who usually wears boxers but any time im grounded or have a longer term punishment, i usually get "boxer grounding" with it. Boxer grounding just kinda makes sure that at any time i can be spanked on a bare sit spot while the front of me is covered. Or if its done without dropping pants (public or speedy situation) then it guarantees only one layer over my sit spot. Boxer grounding just means that i cant wear boxers or anything long enough to cover my sit spot. It doesnt have to be panties, boy shorts, thongs, quarter shorts, etc (unless otherwise specified). It can be mens lit
  10. I was just looking for the same thing in cincinnati area... Prob have to find a dungeon rental
  11. I have gotten it a couple times for a disrespectful mouth, not cussing. Usually i have to bite the bar of soap during swats or after spanking facing the wall. She makes sure i have to taste it. Once or twice liquid soap was put on a wash cloth and scrubbed through my entire mouth. It takes longer to get the taste out that way. Anyone using mouth soaping should be careful of "burning" skin around mouth and/or swallowing it...I think it works.
  12. Cincy here. Usually looking for spanker
  13. Looking in cincinnati for soon... Anyone around?
  14. Im still looking, usually looking for a spanker but i will switch
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