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  1. But I think looking someone in the eye and saying to them 'I will spank you', is the most powerful thing. Especially if there are others around.
  2. I've noticed how some use the term 'smacking' instead to avoid these associations.
  3. After that, and especially if you were there to see the spanking, you would have seen them at their most vulnerable, and that would bring memories which wouldn't likely go away for either of you. A few words from you could bring up all the shame, all the hurt, again, and that's something which could have both an erotic and a very intimate dimension, but one with so much to do with a power given to you. And they would know you could heighten their shame by telling others too.
  4. Can you imagine a situation in which you are there to witness someone being made to admit all they have done wrong, and finally accept that they deserve to be punished, and being told how they will be, in what manner, but not straight away, so as to be able to witness all their feelings of shame, trepidation, anticipation for some time? I think that would create a really intimate connection between you and them, even if someone else is to carry out the punishment.
  5. Very interesting question. I remember vividly when I spanked one woman, with whom there was that bit of an 'edge' between us - she annoyed me in various ways, which made the desire to spank her have a particular emotional dimension, feeling her to deserve it. It made the whole thing all the more intensely arousing for us both. I also imagine the idea of watching someone punished who one feels truly deserves it would have a similar charge.
  6. I have spoken to numerous women who would not necessarily like to carry out a spanking, but would do find the idea of being a third-party witness interesting and exciting. I’m very interested in the figure of the witness - a sort of half-way house towards topping. The one being spanked would often feel considerably more humiliated simply by the witness’s presence, giving them a real power in the situation. They might be silent, even a bit nervous, but excited or fascinated by the spectacle, or might be more vocal and overt in their approval. So I wanted to ask of anyone here, eithe
  7. Doesn’t have to be spanking, but does need some element of power play, shame, or other related kinks. Can be in either direction, or even just thinking of such things as an observer.
  8. I am a switch, but most experience has been as a top. It's always a sexualised thing for me, and I've never felt any serious sexual attraction to another man, so I couldn't really imagine spanking one or being spanked by one, except possibly in a scenario where I was spanking one man with a woman watching, doing it by proxy for her satisfaction and enjoyment, if that makes any sense? I do sometimes look at men, in changing rooms and so on, and try to imagine what it would be like to be a straight woman looking at them and wanting to spank their bottoms, and that has its appeal.
  9. That is especially nice because it's told from her perspective, rather than his - about the pleasure she gets from spanking him, having him in such a vulnerable and humiliating position. Love to read more from you!
  10. Giving spankings (to women) excites me a lot. I'm interested to know if there are many women here who get horny from giving spankings, or imagining giving them?
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