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  1. I like to start with my hand. If its a moderate punishment or reminder I might just make it an extended and harder hand spanking without going to an implement. I've gotten good responses from just my hand.
  2. It was some time in my late teens and early 20's I would say. That being said the dynamics have continued to change into my mid thirties as to what about it interests me and how I want it express it in !y life.
  3. bareotk03

    Utah Status

    I'm there occasionally. Not as often as I was a few years ago.
  4. Hello. Boise here. Would enjoy chatting if you ever want .
  5. Yes. The first spanking I ever gave. I was 18 and her and I skipped school. It was a cold blizzard type day. I asked her if I could and she said yes. It might have been cold outside but I was keeping her nice and warm... Her back side at least..
  6. Hello. Boise here. Welcome. Would like to talk with you sometime if you ever care to.
  7. Boise here. How are yoy?
  8. Boise switch although I mostly top. 35 m
  9. Hello Ash Kate. 34 male in Boise but I do make it down to salt lake, draper to be more specific, because of work. If you're anywhere in that area we can talk.
  10. bareotk03


    Throwing it out there again. Anyone in Idaho? Specifically Boise area?
  11. If you're still in the area we should talk. I'm in Nampa specifically
  12. Any females in the area want to chat?
  13. Hello. Male 33 here. Ive been giving spankings for 15 years now. For the majority i give the spankings but on occasion i receive. So as not to lose touch with the struggles of being a bottom ? lets talk. I look forward to it
  14. M 33 Boise looking for female spankee. Experienced with discipline/behavior modification. DM me and lets chat.
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