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  1. Of course it deepens the need & desire!
  2. Embidiosos tambien! Usted me recuerda a una mujer que crusaba la frontera de Ciudad Juarez/El Paso mensual durante al año 2018 para venir a verme para nalguearla!
  3. Yes I found women on craigslist as well. Teachers, Police women, Students, Housewives all looking for accountability & spanking!
  4. Yes! I've taken rectal temps, punishment figging and administered punishment retention enemas!
  5. Ive met dozens a year on other pay sites where other men can't use a credit card without being found out by their wives. So they would try to circumvent joining & instead message on happy hour or through a girls photo. I had a streak of 12 good years on those sites. You can guess it 12 × 12. Thats how many women I spanked all those years. Unless covid goes away 100% im done & retired. I still have 4 regulars I see who cant wait for covid to disappear. They're anxious to come see me, feel any of my 25 implements for therapeutic periods of time.
  6. Yes 3 ladies. One in particular i mentored 30 months. Quarterly sessions, would fly her in. She's now RN after blowing 2 years & wasting plenty of money for testing retakes. Her daddy used the belt on her growing up. So you can guess what i used. Previous men she met barely scratched the surfsce.
  7. That was a young lady who came to see me in 2020 to answer to her use of illegal drugs meanwhile she was trying to achieve certification for career advancement. A big no, no especially if your employer drug tests you. She learned her lesson after a strict birching & humbling vicks butt plug which left her sobbing & sore for days!
  8. I insert a plug for punishment usually during repeat spankings regarding the same misconduct!
  9. All the time! I wonder if I live in the bible belt! I have met some closet spankos who discuss it among their coworkers at lunch or on breaks but that's it!
  10. Hello joy, Gilbert here MST spanker. I would be glad to provide you with self-spanking lessons to help you keep up with your daily and weekly tasks. Nice to meet you too!
  11. Hello new, I am Gilbert in El Paso, Texas, a short 4 1/2 hour drive from you. I've taken many trips to Tucson in the past to mentor other women in many of life's endeavors and challenges. I've mentored college students from U of A or just working women who needed the help of a spanking mentor to help them overcome some bad behavior, bad habits or reach some goals in their lives. I am ready, available and have a flexible schedule to help you. I can share personal references from ladies that I have spanked & who are members of this site. Look forward to hearing from you! Happy Friday!
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