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  1. I have been double teamed many times. Always different and rewarding. Most times by two females or even more.
  2. Welcome to the site. Love to chat either with messages or in the chat room.
  3. I can only answer based on our 24/7 Female-Led relationship. We certainly have discipline spankings here, but due to me improved behavior they are few and far between. We also employ a maintenance program, instituted after the tapering off of discipline spankings. Stress relief, sensual, fun and the common 'because I felt like spanking you' type are used here as well. Can our discipline and other types coexist, yes. Our discipline spankings differ in 3 ways form other types. There is no warm up, there is no safe word, and there is no after care. I realize that may sound wrong to some of you, but after 12 years, she knows me and I completely trust her. Even during a heavy discipline spanking, she would never harm me or deliver more than my limit, so we both feel comfortable with no safe word. Discipline spankings are given at the time of the infraction, instantly, if at all possible, where other types are usually scheduled. She will never combine a punishment spanking with a maintenance, however if necessary, they could be on the same day. Ms Mirage is very adapt at switching her demeanor from a spanker to a punisher when needed. Hope this helps, John cowboy
  4. Been in the adult spanking lifestyle for over 25 years, including two 24/7, FLR with DD household. My current relationship is over 12 years old.
  5. Perhaps that is true for you, but for me I have met and known spankos of several different races and must say I felt the least amount of racism present than in most other groups of people. I have been spanked by and spanked several black, Indian and Asian ladies with no apparent factor of race involved.
  6. All of this should be predetermined when the DD household is set up. Be it male-led or female-led or a two way relationship as described in 'The Spencer Plan', rules should exist and be followed. I am a firm believer in adult disciplinary spankings and wish there were more couples, married or not, practicing DD. Private or public, is again up to them and rules should be set up and agreed upon.
  7. Here to say spanking wives do exist. I have been in two 24/7 FLR with DD households. The first was a marriage and my wife was a true spanker, even prior to our marriage. I was dominated and spanked thoroughly during this 7 plus year marriage. My current relationship is not a marriage but only due to economic reasons. We live as married and have been for over 12 years. Again it is a 24/7 FLR and she spanks me for discipline and maintenance.
  8. My former would mouth soap for some offenses, so I have had the experience. A plain soap is best, no additives if possible. For safety, she would use a lathered facecloth and scrub my mouth thoroughly. Sometimes twice. I then would be place OTK and spanked at length while I drooled out the suds.
  9. Hi John. Sure we remember you. We enjoyed your attendance at our party. I'll try to remember to drop you a note sometime. Feel free to leave a message for me either there or here. How are things with you?
  10. Not for punishment, but during maintenance, she slaps my cock and balls often. Sometimes with bare hand or a riding bat works well. A short flogger gives a nice safe swat. Recently she has found something others have told us are called pussy whips. Resembles a tassel on a stick but the tassel is rubber strands. Swing with a whipping motion it can deliver quite a good sting, abut not heavy enough to cause any damage. For a photo of this and all our other toys, visit my blog at mymaintenanceday.blogspot.com It details all my maintenance spankings.
  11. Being kept nude at home, baring for a spanking is a moot point here. There is some added embarrassment when I am told to bend over or she spreads my legs wide to spank normally inaccessible areas...... especially if others are present.
  12. Yup, I have that game too....lol
  13. I have that game and enjoyed playing it often with spanko friends.
  14. Has happened occasionally. With vanilla folks or strangers, we cease and go back to the spanking when they have left. It it happens to be lifestyle folks, there is no problem. They have seen me spanked as well as I have seen them.
  15. Yes, many times at parties, events and dungeons. The most erotic was when I was tied face to face with a female spankee and both of us spanked.
  16. This was in answer to Cavsalltheway regarding his comment about never hearing about the running of the wickets. Sorry for the confusion.
  17. At spanking parties and dungeons, spanking from multiple people is common. Sometimes, two at the same time. Ten or more spankings at a party, from different folks happens all the time. Not that most Covid restrictions have been lifted, parties will again be held.
  18. Absolutely!!! My former marriage was a WLM and I would be spanked for punishment and maintenance. My current situation, although not a marriage (economic reasons), is a 24/7, FLR with DD household. Bare bottom spankings are the only form of punishment and maintenance used and the only form needed. We have no disagreements, no debates and best of all, no hard feelings, grudges, or silent treatments. The spankings are immediate and effective and when they are over, the issue is over as well....never to be brought up again. I would recommend the concept to anyone.
  19. It is an actual game. I have a complete game of Spankopoly.
  20. On many baseball/softball teams I played on used to punish for mental errors or bonehead plays after the game by having the guilty party or parties crawl thru the spread legs of the rest of the team members while each swatted their butt. Used to be called 'running the wickets'.
  21. Hello josef, I am involved in both nudism and spanking and have been for many years. I even attended a spanking event held at a nudist resort some time ago. Always spanked totally nude I understand your comments and agree there is an overlap between the two fetishes. Love to chat with your and others more an these subjects.
  22. Always good to meet a fellow kinkster from Tenn.
  23. Traditional OTK is difficult for us due to our physical sizes. She is 5 - 2 and I am 6 - 1. The size of her lap is small and comfortable chair height comes into play. So we use a modified OTK which is good for both of us. She sits on the bed, back to the headboard and I lay across her lap. This provides support for my legs and torso and also relieves most of my weight from her thighs.
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