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  1. Not a TV show, but this topic was discussed by a group on another chat site...or was it here??? Scenario was a municipality introduced a choice by the defendant, when found guilty, of corporal punishment in lieu of fines or marks on one's license. For minor violations, such as traffic infractions, the judge would present the choice to the defendant and if corporal discipline was opted for, the sentence would be caried out in the 'punishment room' of the courthouse at a specified date and could be witnessed by the general public. Given by a qualified disciplinarian, bare bottom spankings were administered behind glass and publicly documented. Nearly everyone in the discussion group, including me would opt for the spanking rather than a hefty fine.
  2. Been living in two FLR's now for over 20 years. The first, a marriage lasted about 7 years and my current is over 12 years now. I am spanked for discipline and maintenance. Kept nude and spanked with implements, sometimes in front of our lifestyle friends, but mostly not. I get spanked when away from home, nude, with discretion, if possible, if not at least bare ass. Most always spanked again when we get home.
  3. Yes, I agree with you. After being stripped or told to strip, the trigger words for my humiliation are "Present your ass"
  4. I'm in agreement with Redwombutt, being kept nude at home insures fully nude spankings. Also agree with GaryMcKee and Spankmered, full nudity leads to subspace quickly and nothing is in the way of a good spanking. Another factor is the added humiliation being stripped or told to strip brings to the spanking. Yes, as others have stated, the reason for the spanking and type of spanking enters into this discussion as well.
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