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  1. I had a lifestyle wedding and was spanked by the bride during the ceremony and by all female guests at the reception.
  2. cowboy

    New Here

    Welcome to the site. Look it over carefully...if it is for you, there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here.
  3. 1, YES 2. Bare Bottom 3. Improves my behavior and cleans the slate 4. Bent over a bed 5. YES 6. One of our paddles 7. 9 8. YES 9. YES 10. YES 11. YES 12. Discipline no other types..can be fun 13. You're getting spanked 14. NO 15. YES 16. YES 17. I've been told so 18. NO 19. NO 20. YES 21. YES 22. YES 23. YES 24. YES 25. NO, they are needed 26. Several 27. YES 28. YES 29. Better 30. YES 31. NO 32. YES 33. Yes 34. Some of them 35. YES 36. YES 37. YES 38. Anything on our list of offenses 39. Average 7-8 40, 10-20 41. Some know, some don't 42. Serious offenses - 10 43. YES 44. YES 45. Usually a while...spankings are effective. 46. Three days ago 47. Yes, with a machine....years ago 48. Knowing I have displeased my Dominant 49. YES, Several others 50. Depends on the offense...10 - 30 minutes 51. YES 52. For punishment, NO...other reasons...Yes 53. Rule follower...for the most part.
  4. We have our agreement in writing as well as the rules I must obey. Both are posted on the wall. We both had input in drafting up everything prior to the actual beginning of our DD relationship. Proud to say it is over 11 years old now. The rules you posted are mostly behavioral rules that house old rules and chores. Nothing wrong with that and I do think he is being tolerant enough in enforcing them. The fact you aren't being spanked until the forth level of punishment is quite different than our FLR.
  5. Most all spankings have 4 to 5 implements used here and they are used more than one time. Sometimes a punishment, on level one uses only one implement, but implements and number of strokes are added for higher levels of punishment.
  6. The term 'Getting the Belt', go back to childhood....enough said about that. Belt was always folded then and now. We have an implement that is a folded belt on a wood handle and is used on me often. We also have straps, so belt is never used single, like a strap. She strikes on full cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs with horizontal swats. Other implements are used for other areas.
  7. Always totally nude when spanked here, unless the situation prevents it. The power exchange is so much greater when the spanker is dressed and the spankee nude. The helplessness and vulnerability of a nude person in the presence of a clothed person greatly heightens the mental aspect of being spanked in the first place.
  8. All of our lifestyle friends obviously know and I must say are quite open about our relationships. Whether we visit another couple(s) or they visit us, most always the subs are spanked during the visit. We do not broadcast our lifestyle, but are open enough to talk about it if someone 'discovers' it. a very few of our vanilla friends know and are ok with it, but most do not know. None of my family know, but one Brother has an idea, I think. All her family knows, some have witnessed and one has actually spanked me herself.
  9. I have been spanked in this position many times and still do occasionally. I believe it is the most humiliating position as everything is in full view, especially if the legs are spread. Also, as Spanknutt described, I have been restrained in cuffs and a spreader bar during the spanking. The position provides the spanker with an easy target which is totally immobile. The spankee receives a more painful spanking as the skin on the bottom is very taught and sit spots are exposed. The entire genital area is exposed and vulnerable if genital spanking is desired. All in all, a great position.
  10. My former Dominant would use mouth soaping for foul language and lieing. This, along with a good spanking was effective. My current Dominant does not mouth soap, so now it is just spankings here.
  11. In our relationship, each offense on our list has a prescribed 3 level of punishment. She has the authority to alter any or all parts of the punishment, like number of strokes, position or implement. As the question states, for serious offenses, level 3 is most often used. Last time, she went way over the number of strokes for an offense and I broke position a few times. When she finished she said next time you will be restrained, so no movement will be allowed and you will get twice what you got today. Another time for a serious offense, I was spanked, level 3, told to remain in position, and 15 minutes later, I got spanked again. I consider these two instances a 'real punishment'.
  12. I have been spanked in the morning, but it is not scheduled or a regular occurrence. Folks here know part of my morning routine is to brush her hair before leaving bed. There are times after the brushing, the brush changes hands and i'm pulled over lap and spanked with the hair brush. I do like a morning for maintenance spanking as there are times in the evening she is too tired to administer one. If we ever evolve to daily spankings, it would be difficult for me to choose between bed time spankings or morning spankings as I like both.
  13. Always a spanko at heart, it was not until later in life I became a full spanked submissive in 2 FLR's. We do use stress relief spankings as well as fun, sensual, punishment and maintenance spankings. Adult spanking may not be for everyone, but I would recommend you at least try it. I think you and most likely your husband will benefit from an occasional good spanking. Message me for more details or an in depth discussion.
  14. I'm a member of the school of thought that spanking at the time of the offense is the way to go. I grew up with this as my parents punished at the time and the place of the poor behavior. This could be done in the 50's as spanking was the normal and accepted method of discipline. Later in life and during my first 24/7, DD marriage, my Dominant believed in the same concept. My second and current DD relationship is based on the same belief. To us, made to wait, somehow lessens the effectiveness. As a child, my Mom would administer the discipline...there was no 'wait till your Father gets home' in our house. I realize others will dispute this method and wait for a punishment period at a later date and the 'waiting period' is worse than the act. We are all different and believe in different methods. All fine, that's what makes the world go round. I will add this, some Dominants should not punish immediately if they are unable to control their emotions. A punishment spanking should not be delivered in anger. Therefore, if the Dominant allows her anger to influence her spanking, it should be postponed. My Dominants, have had the ability to deliver a due punishment at the time without their anger influencing the spanking. On the submissive side, they must have extreme trust in their Dominant to be able to accomplish this. A trust of this level may take a while to build up. Given the 'anger' issue, I still feel it is much better to be spanked at the time and place of the offense, if at all possible.
  15. We have used stress relief spankings often in our relationship. I agree with those above saying to start with a warm up and increase intensity. The purpose is not to hurt, as in punishment, but the spanking must be long enough or firm enough for the spankee to enter into subspace...that is where the stress is lifted from the mind and body. As a spankee, I can tell you the feeling afterwards is incredible.
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