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  1. Several ways, Ms L. The two women in chairs facing each other yes, done many times. I lay over both of their thighs while both spanked with bare hands and short handle implements. I have been restrained and spanked by more than one female dominant. Each used a different implement on each of my cheeks.
  2. For sure. It has happened many times at parties, events and dungeons. We called it tag teaming or double teaming. Nothing new about this concept for those who routinely attend such functions.
  3. The spanking from my Aunt happened as she was watching the clan while my folks were away.  We were alone at the time and I really can't recall exactly what I said or did, but she became furious.  She was a powerful and domineering woman and it seemed she had my clothes at my ankles and over her lap in a single motion.  She preceded to administer a bare hand, bare ass spanking I will never forget.  She stood me in front of her while she scolded me.  I still recall waddling to my room with clothes still at my ankles.  She never told any of my siblings or parents about the spanking and we remained very close thru the rest of her life.   Not spanked as an adult for many years after this, I still feel this spanking  was the underlying contributor to my entrance to the world of adult spankings.

  4. I get spanked each year for my birthday and my Dominant Mistress/Life Partner seems to come up with something different. Always different from the traditional 'one swat per year old' spankings have ranged from simple to week long affairs. Also, being in the lifestyle, when we are at an event or party near the actual date, I receive spankings from many people. Most times I am stripped or at the very least bare ass. I also 'accept' birthday spanks for my Dominant Mistress and a few other close friends on their special day. Birthday spanking are alive and very well here in our household a
  5. As a 16 year old, I was spanked by my Aunt. I look back at that spanking as the springboard to my adult spanking connection. As an adult, I was spanked by the Sister-in-law of my life partner. A couple of interesting stories.
  6. Spanked in public many times and caught several. Witnessed never bothered me whether they were lifestyle folks, people I knew or even total strangers. Sometimes overheard, but not seen, other times a brief glimpse occurred and other times totally stripped and spanked in full view.
  7. Thank you Ms L for taking your time to answer my message. You have hit the nail right on the head, I do know who is the boss in our and every female led relationship. I try to be respectful to all women and realize I am in need of a strong female hand. I take every spanking as I know I have earned them. I would like permission to message you privately to further discuss our similar lifestyles and households.
  8. @Ms L. This sounds a lot like our 24/7, female-led, D/s, DD relationship. My now life partner has total control over me and everything to do with our household. I am spanked for discipline and maintenance and have covenants, duties, chores, house and behavior rules. A good bare ass spanking is the only form of punishment we use. I will say I am totally happy with this lifestyle. I believe in the superiority of the female and never want to live in any other manner.
  9. Yes, discipline spankings occur immediately after the offense. If it happens on maintenance day, so be it. I get spanked twice that day.
  10. Maintenance here is almost the backbone of our relationship. Sessions are multiple implements, always bare ass and can last up to an hour. Most average about 35 minutes. They as scheduled by rolling dice. After each session, I toss a single die. We add one to the number shown and that is the number of days until the next maintenance spanking. All maintenance spankings are detailed on my blog at.... mymaintenanceday.blogspot.com
  11. Yes, and not only spanked but dominated.
  12. Physical condition aside, no one is too old to be spanked.
  13. Only all the time..... I live in a 24/7, female led, D/s, DD relationship and get spanked for discipline and maintenance.
  14. Hi Cindy and welcome to Spanking Needs. Great folks here. jump right into the chat room and enjoy.
  15. Welcome to the site, Gary. I too am spanked by my Dominant female. Our FLR with DD household is over 12years old now. Message me if you would like to chat.
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