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  1. Very true words spoken by many folks above. I'm much older than that and spanked regularly. Ms L has it correct. When earned or deemed necessary, nobody is ever too to be spanked.
  2. Great, Laura. and some truth in there as well.
  3. We have both leather and rubber straps. I agree with those above saying rubber is the more painful.
  4. I shed tears with nearly every spanking from my life partner. I don't wail or sob, but tears do flow. Most spankings are for maintenance. She uses various implements and a few different positions. I am always totally nude for spankings. Maintenance spankings vary in length from about 15 minutes to over an hour. The sheding of tears does not stop the spanking, so I guess you could say I am spanked to tears and beyond. I always feel great after a good spanking.
  5. Got experience here in both types. Spanked in full view of the general public is a rush, but discretion is a must. Most of that type was years ago before every man, woman and child had a camera phone and feeling compelled to document and report. Then is was just a glimpse and folks noticed, but went on about their business... a live and let live attitude. Been spanked in front of spankos very often and still to this day. We attend spanking parties, events and visit dungeons. Have been stripped and spanked by total strangers at some of these places.
  6. I have been double teamed many times. Always different and rewarding. Most times by two females or even more.
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