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  1. Spanking art

    I love spanking art. Due to my role of submissive in a DD relationship, I like domestic, F/m art the most. All other forms are good as well. I must warn you, I had a spanking art pic as my avatar, but was told to remove it because it displayed full nudity, even in a drawing. They allow bare bottoms as avatar pics here, but not anything with full nudity, frontal or backside.
  2. Spanker and Munch Leader (KY/TN Border)

    Down near Chattanooga. A bit far or I may have been interested. Only muches??
  3. double spanking?

    I have been double spanked with another sub side by side by one Dominant and with two Dominants. i have been double spanked over the laps of two Dominants. I have been double spanked with another sub (female) tied face to face by one Dominant and by Two Dominants. All types were great spanking experiences.
  4. double spanking?

    Yes, many times.
  5. For all spankees?

    Yes, although a spankee, I have delivered a meaningful spanking to a few ladies upon their request.
  6. Spankees Just?

    When in position, I try not to clench. Standing toes inward helps with that. I feel warm, eyes usually closed. First thought.. this is going to hurt, but I have displeased my Dominant and deserve my fate. Displeasing her hurts more than the impending spanking. I am calm and ready to accept my due punishment.
  7. I did not keep track, but on average I get maintenance spanked on average twice a week and discipline spankings are on top of that. I would estimate 125 spankings have occurred in this calendar year.
  8. Thank you for the tip. We have been living in a 24/7, female-led, DD relationship for a bit over ten years. Have read The Spencer Plan and incorporated some concept from that, just altered them to a female- led rather than the two way DD lifestyle they discuss. If you or both of you care to discuss our situations, compare notes and share experiences feel free to begin, either here or in private.
  9. Butt Plug?

    Yes, I have had a plug inserted. Both, my choice and not my choice Not longer than 1 hour I did not mind the feeling It could be use as an addition to a punishment
  10. Which would upset you more?

    Inserting a bar of soap into the mouth is not the safest way to mouth soap. Anyway, my former Dominant would mouth soap and administer a bare bottom spanking for my foul language.
  11. Married?

    Yes, check out The Spenser Plan
  12. I need a sanking

    Find a disciplinarian in your area. One will administer a punishment spanking, as described above, with no strings attached.
  13. No, I have been spanked by and have spanked others of a different race than my own. No difference.
  14. Witnesses

    My public spankings were some time ago. Not sure it would go unreported these days. Seems every man, woman and child has a camera phone and feels the need to document and report.