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  1. Hi Jane. Submissive male here in a 24/7, FLR and DD household. Would love the opportunity to compare notes or share experiences with you.
  2. In addition to what Jess stated, I was fortunate enough to leave it set up. It can be turned facing the wall and then it appears to be a narrow table. If covered with a cloth it appears to be a piece of furniture....sort of. The spanking was adequate and can last virtually forever. You have to move yourself to keep it from hitting the same place and obtain an all over spanking. I adapted a cane to the arm and that worked very well.
  3. Near the middle....Number 3 of 6.
  4. I think I did. Being near the middle child, I seem to be at odds from both sides. I guess I was the worst behaved child and therefore spanked more.
  5. I had an early moled RoboSpanker and tried unsuccessfully to sell it. It did deliver a good spanking, but as Zhal says, lacked the human touch. I would up giving it to a dungeon in Nashville. At least it is still in use.
  6. I have always been spanked at the time/place of the offense if at all possible. Parents, and both FLR I have been in.
  7. I was spanked as a child as were most during that era. Nothing abusive, it was the accepted method of discipline children and I got my fair share. Parental spanking tapered off around 12 years old, not because they felt I was too old, but I learned to behave and avoid spankings. Nothing more until years later as my vanilla marriage was failing and I was looking for on outlet which did not include sex as I was not interested in cheating on her even near the end of our marriage. I discovered the world of adult spanking and waded into it. Mostly paying pros for hour long spanking sessions, no sex. Things evolve, I got divorced and became an adult spanko. How did I discover adult spanking???? I think my mind recalled my last childhood spanking. An experience much different than the parental spanking of my early youth. My Aunt gave me a bare hand, bare ass, OTK spanking at age 16. It was for a behavioral issue, but felt much different than any I had previously. It was that spanking that directed my exploring spanking as an adult.
  8. cowboy

    Would you ever?

    Looks like Spankmered and I answered about the same time to the previous question, sooooo I guess my question about the guest spanker still stands.
  9. cowboy

    Would you ever?

    Yes, I have been bound and spanked very often. Generally not for discipline unless she knows it will be extremely harsh and felt I needed to be restrained. For scenes at spanking events or in dungeons, I am bound on several different pieces of equipment while being spanked. Would you ever accept a spanking from a stranger under these circumstances....your normal spanker is ill and brought another to deliver your punishment spanking while he/she is watching.
  10. I have always believed a spanking should be on the bare. Whether punishment or any other reason. Being stripped or just baring you ass before a spanking is part of the spanking. Embarrassment or humiliation is also a part of a good spanking. I can't recall ever being spanked, by anyone over anything....always on the bare...start to finish.
  11. Perhaps the only male to reply thus far, I must say my genitals are a frequent target during my spankings. Whether with legs spread or in d i a p e r position, she spanks me there with a riding bat or short flogger. Light strokes...enough to sting but not cause real harm or damage.
  12. It was a great discussion on the other site. I respectfully disagree with Amber on the public factor. I feel the knowledge of your punishment being witnessed only adds to the effectiveness. A dose of humiliation adds to the punishment. I'm not heartless....perhaps it become public if it is a repeat offense within a specific time.
  13. This subject was a lively discussion in another chat site. Most agreed that for certain minor offenses, the judge could offer the choice of jail time, public service or fine and license marking (for traffic violations) or a bare bottom spanking at the hands of a qualified pro disciplinarian. Sentence would be carried out in a punishment room in the courthouse as an assigned date and time. This was made public and anyone could attend if they desired. It was a great discussion and I do believe it would be a deterrent to many minor offenses.
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