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  1. cowboy


    Welcome...glad to have you aboard.
  2. @StevenSampson I am always nude when spanked even when away from home if at all possible. If not possible, always at least bare ass. My Dominant Mistress/Life Partner (not wife) uses a variety of implements. We have over 50. At least 3 are used for every spanking. She strikes full cheeks, sit spots upper thighs, inner thighs, anus, cock and balls. I did not say I cry, I said tears are present. I don't wail or sob, but tears do flow. Sessions vary, punishments are usually short but very hard and have no warm up, no safe word and no after care. Maintenance spankings can last up to and
  3. Not at all, I have been spanked by many black female Dommes and felt no difference. I have not spanked many ladies at all, but one was black and again, no difference.
  4. We began a maintenance program when discipline spankings tapered off to near non existence. For us, maintenance was to accomplish 3 things. 1, to establish who is in charge and reinforce my submissive role in the relationship. 2, to serve as a reminder of what lies in store for me upon rule breaking or poor behavior. 3, to serve as a catch all for minor infractions which may not have warranted a punishment spanking at the time. Tears are caused by pain.
  5. Spanked to tears on my last maintenance spanking last Thursday. To be honest, tears occur on nearly every maintenance spanking. Always on discipline spankings.
  6. I got half my maintenance this morning and the second half about an hour ago.
  7. We instituted a maintenance program when discipline spankings tapered off. Finding a good scheduling method saw several attempts and the random schedule by rolling dice seemed to work best for us. Right now, for a change, we are using the every 3rd day method. I feel we will return to the dice before long.
  8. Nice red cheeks. I really like that paddle....where can I get one like it?
  9. We have not attended many spanking parties, events or dungeons since last winter, but spanking at home are still being carried out.
  10. Equipment from Cane-i-ac may not be the least expensive available, but the quality is very good. At least in any of the toys I have purchased and been spanked with.
  11. When I was receiving them regularly, they were administered liberally. I sleep nude and was spanked over the edge of the bed. Nothing like sliding in on cool crisp sheets with a hot, bright red spanked bottom. Yes, sleep was nearly instant and very sound. I would recommend bedtime spankings to everyone.
  12. Occasionally we change positions, not as a rule. It not only gets my ass repositioned, but gives her a break and a change of swinging motion.
  13. My first adult spanking was totally nude as 99.9% of the rest. Even as a child, spankings were always bare bottom and as an adult, being stripped frist just seems to be correct.
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