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  1. cowboy


    Hello and welcome to the site. I am involved in F/m spanking as I live in a 24/7, FLR with DD household. Love to chat with you.
  2. I feel all spankings should be on the bare. Total nude is preferred, but bare bottom is a must.
  3. I was the person who mentioned bottle caps. Yes they were the metal ones. I imagine with any side to side motion the edges could cut the flesh. Sitting directly down on them never made me bleed. NicoleS39 has it correct. The flesh, tenderized for a good spanking, is further tormented by an uncomfortable surface.
  4. Bedtime spanking are wonderful for many reasons. My former used to spank me soundly just before bed and I always slept great after a good spanking. As for a physical reason, sliding in on crisp, clean sheets with a red sore ass is one of life's greatest feelings.
  5. We try to spank as soon after the infraction as possible. Knowing full well not to offend non-spanko folks. Outdoors, hotels, friends homes are a few places I have been spanked for discipline with as much discretion as possible.
  6. I understand the flow here is how to provide less discomfort. My former did just the opposite. She would prolong the pain by forcing me to sit on a punishment stool for a period of time after a spanking. Her stool had inverted bottle caps tacked to the seat. Try that on a freshly spanked ass. How do I sit after a spanking???? Old joke answer...Very carefully. Seriously, the methods stated above, pillow, squirming, standing, etc are all good and I have used most of them.
  7. My FLR and DD household are anything but a fantasy, ask anyone on here who actually knows me. I am not in a relationship with my Mother. I am in my second 24/7 FLR with an adult female dominant. Get the facts before you judge or criticize.
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