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  1. For my second marriage, we had a BDSM/Spanko themed wedding. Fetish clothes on both us and most of the guests. She was a pro domme in NYC and most guests were dommes or lifestyle folks. I was spanked during the ceremony and the reception was held at a NYC dungeon. I was stripped and bound to a cross while the female wedding guests spanked me at will. Later I was spanked by my new wife on our wedding night. The honeymoon was no different as I was spanked very often.
  2. Thanks, countspankulot. For me, the lifestyle never gets old. After that marriage ended, (nothing to do with the DD aspect), I soon met my current Dominant Mistress/life partner. I told her I wanted and FLR with DD household and we hammered out an agreement. We have been together now over 13 years and take our roles and lifestyle seriously. Your question is NOT ignorant. Second question: I can only speak for our relationship, but I am not treated like a slave or a child. She has control over everything regarding our relationship. I have my own bank accounts, vehicles and real property. She wants and accepts my input on matters, values it and then makes the decision. I abide by her decisions. I cannot contest any of her decisions regarding the relationship, DD household or spankings. I must accept the spankings for any reason without question. We live together as if married, have a loving lifestyle and I would not want to live in any other manner.
  3. On the rebound from my first marriage, I met and dated a NYC Pro Domme. I visited her as a client often and eventually we got serious and married. We had a BDSM scene wedding, spanked during the ceremony, wedding guests spanked me at the reception, I was spanked on the wedding night and my married life to her was like an hour session with her that never ended.
  4. If 16 is an adult, then my Aunt gave me my first adult spanking. Otherwise, it was years later and I visited a Pro Domme in NYC. Obviously, been hooked (and spanked) ever since.
  5. Happens often. Been caught at home by friends and away from home by anyone who happens to 'discover' our discrete spanking location.
  6. Just last night, from my Dominant Mistress/Life Partner. Two paddles and a belt for maintenance, so neither naughty or nice......just because it was time to be spanked.
  7. Not so much as an apology, but when I am spanked for discipline, at the end she will ask if I have learned a lesson, or will you forget to do that again or are you really sorry now? This depends on the reason for the spanking. I always answer, YES MA'AM. She most likely will say, well, let's be sure, and spanks me more.
  8. cowboy

    A True Story

    My former would mouth soap for lying. Always accompanied with a good spanking.
  9. Whatever the level of discipline, I always feel much better afterwards. I hate it when I displease my Dominant Mistress and earn a discipline spanking. Sometimes that feeling is worse than the physical punishment. The 'clean slate' feeling is by far better. I agree with your 'life goes on' statement. After a punishment in our DD household, the issue is over, never to be brought up again.
  10. Absolutely, a spontaneous spanking at bedtime is wonderful.
  11. Our maintenance schedule is not interrupted by vacations. I other circumstances are present preventing a spanking, it is simply done at another time. Bedtimes are conducive because normally there is no others around.
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