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  1. WOW!!! I'm impressed with how bravely she takes the whippings with switch and cane! Not a whimper no any flinching at all!!! My kind of woman!!!
  2. Sorry, did not mean to get technical--to me "leg" and "thigh" mean below and above the knee respectively. Sit spots = good I stand by the setting limits statement tho... Play safe!
  3. Caning is a lot easier to take after a good warm-up, and I find it enjoyable on my "sit spots" (lower part of butt and upper thighs) I would not permit pain inflicted on any other part of my body... Caning should ONLY be done on the bottom! (an opinion but said with conviction) good luck. If your mentor is unwilling to let you set boundaries, and respect your boundaries, then I suggest finding a new mentor.
  4. I enjoy anal play with erotic spankings, both giving and receiving. Usually fingers and small butt plugs feel great. Peeled ginger root feels warm enough to be a little uncomfortable if left in a long time, but I would not say that it hurts, and I've had it inserted for over an hour before. When having sex face to face after spanking each other, fingers inserted deep into each other's butthole when we are close to orgasm just drives us right over the edge! Best feeling ever!!!
  5. Sounds delicious! I like to start with hand spanking and progress to paddles, belts, canes, etc as our bottoms adjust to the pain. The spanking foreplay can go on for an hour or more, and it can continue even after we have sex... it feels funny to walk when the skin on my bottom is very swollen from so much spanking, it makes a funny wrinkle where my butt meets my thighs, but it feels very good too, the soreness and warmth are so erotic!!! I like to feel sore for days afterward so that I can re-live the spankings in my mind, almost like watching a video (a video that stings my ass) and I
  6. I can identify with you a lot on this, except for the tears. I love to spank a woman who sticks her bottom up to invite more. I do the same when I get spanked, caned, and whipped
  7. I TRY not to, since I'm newly married, but I cannot help checking out the firm, toned, shapely butts of athletic women. I try to be discrete, but I admit I do it habitually! As I look and reflect on the beauty I've just seen, I am always wondering if they like getting and giving spankings, what kind of spankings they like best, what experiences they have had, and what spanking experiences they might fantasize about having, and how it might feel for us to spank each other in the ways that they might like it best...I feel a little guilty about it, but completely unashamed! I'm faithful to m
  8. People bring up a good point--not all canes are the same! When I say "I like to be caned" I am talking about round rattan 8mm thick (about 3/8"), 1 meter long, ends sanded round and finished with linseed oil. I've been caned with round rattan 12mm thick also, and I did not like it very much. It felt more like being hit with a club than a whip! The canes they use for judicial punishment in Singapore are round rattan 1.2 meters long and 16mm thick. I made some of these just to see what they are like, and there is no way in the world I would ever want to be beaten with one!!! I've se
  9. You could be speaking for me, Roberta. I like being caned but sometimes the pain can be hard to take...not completely enjoyable... but afterward I am proud to have endured it bravely (without flinching or complaining or trying to escape from it), and I LOVE the marks!!! I wear them proudly for the next couple weeks. I like the way cane marks look on my partner's bottom too (I both give and receive canings) The tram lines are most likely caused by the stretching of the skin when the cane bites in... The skin directly in contact with the cane follows the curve of the surface of the cane,
  10. soaking the switches adds greatly to the pain! You sound like someone who can really take a LOT!!!
  11. Soaking the switches adds a lot more effect (pain) than wetting the bottom because it makes the switches heavier and denser (being that all the air spaces fill with water and the rods swell a little--become a little thicker from being soaked--it makes them more flexible and tougher to break, too) Wetting the bottom adds more bite when using a paddle but not so much with a switch or birch unless the water is very salty. Here's a tip: If wetting a bottom for a more painful paddling use baby oil instead of water...the oil does not evaporate
  12. I'll spank yours if you'll spank mine... or even if you don't
  13. The only issue I have had in trading swats with a dark skinned black woman is that I really could not see if her bottom was turning red. This was not an issue at all, really--I just mention it because it seems a little bit humorous... it was the only difference I ever noticed in spanking someone with very dark skin vs spanking anyone else. Exchanging sore bottoms with her was very enjoyable for me and she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I don't need to see someone turning red to know she is getting sore (and warm) from the spanking--the soreness of my hand is a good enough indicator. If
  14. I agree 100% nobody else spanks as well as a switch because we know what feels best. Spanking each other is such a wonderfully "shared" experience that one can almost feel their partner's sensations in addition to their own, plus we have both the enjoyment of giving and receiving. I like the "risk" aspect too... I hope I don't make her angry because I'm next! hahaha Actually I want her to enjoy it... if I ever made someone angry with a spanking it would mean that something went terribly wrong! (hasn't happened yet)
  15. You are lucky to have a partner. The only times that I whip myself is when I don't have a partner to do the whipping, caning, and spanking
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