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  1. I would love to hear everyone else's ideas for spanking locations when neither side can host, or when someone is trying to meet in the middle. I know hotels are a great option, but the cost can add up and there are various other issues with hotels. I know there is always the potential for a secluded outdoor spanking with someone you trust. I have thought of family restrooms, but that could get awkward quickly. Anybody have some great ideas for a discreet but free location?
  2. Melissa'sbottom, I can't say how much I love this post. As a straight guy who has been spanked by a guy before, I couldn't agree more. Obviously I would prefer to be being spanked or giving spanking to females, but as you mention there is a huge gender gap between guys and girls on sites like this. There a so many fun role plays that two straight guys could play out without it being weird. Message me if you are a straight guy interested in this sort of thing.
  3. I would just like to take a minute to recommend Miss Jenn Davis as an amazing disciplinarian. You can check her out here (http://www.missjenndavis.com/). She primarily works out of Seattle, Dallas, and Washington D.C., but also travels around. If you can't see her in person she sells some amazing clips if you are into that sort of thing (https://clips4sale.com/115576). Although I haven't experienced it yet, I hear her leg lock is pretty special. She has an amazing lap too!
  4. I am a straight guy who prefers to be spanked by women, but given the shortage of female spankers am looking to be spanked by a guy in the area. The spanking would be a role play spanking. My favorite role plays are getting caught poking through a woman's panty drawer and being spanked in panties for it, or a role play where you catch me peeping on a sexy lady. Along with the panty role play I may also be interested in being spanked in more than just panties (skirt, blouse, bra, stockings, etc.). If interested please send me a PM.
  5. Thanks for all the responses guys. This is definitely a topic without much information out there, so I really appreciate everything you guys have shared.
  6. Spankedbywife that sounds very interesting. Can you expound on what a typical spanking is like from you male spanker.
  7. Nobody has anything to add to this discussion? With the unbalanced male:female ratio amongst spanking participants surely there are other guys interested in trying male/male spankings.
  8. I am a straight guy who has always been interested in spanking or being spanked by females. Recently I have come to the conclusion that the male to female ratios amongst spankos is seriously out of whack. Therefore, I decided to inquire amongst other straight guys to see if they might be interested in any male/male spankings. I may have found the right guy who shares a lot of my interests. There seems to be a real shortage of info related to two straight guys spanking each other on the internet. So I wanted to reach out to all of you and see if you had any advice on how to make it work ou
  9. I am in my straight guy in my mid-twenties. Have been a spanko since I was a teenager, but never really given or received any real spankings as an adult. I am looking to chat with other like minded people and see where things go from there. As I said above, I am a straight guy, but I wouldn't be opposed to meeting like minded guys who share my interest in spanking. Send me a DM if you would like to chat further.
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