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  1. Hi I'm Rob from syracuse. I'd be happy to talk with you . I respect all limits. Best wishes, Rob
  2. Hi I'm Rob from the syracuse area and I'm in Buffalo every othere weekend. Feel free to contact me if you want to meet sometime.
  3. Hi I'm from the syracuse area! I'm also in need of discipline.
  4. Hi, I'm a fit 40's very close to you. Very gentle but firm.
  5. Hi how are you doing? Am alson in NY this week and looking for some spanking action

  6. One paddling down. One later this afternoon.

  7. Hello, I work in your area. Fit and discreet. I live in NY but travel. I hope to help you. 46 years old. Message me if you're serious.
  8. Thanks! Hope to make it happen. May I message you?
  9. Hi central Ny here and welcome. Feel free to message me.
  10. Thanks everyone. There's a woman at my gym that wants to. Thinking about letting her.
  11. I have always wondered how it would be to get spanked by a dominant female. Am I wrong to wonder?
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