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  1. Thank you, i grew up with auto correct. Thank you I apologize to all
  2. Is there anyone still just into the traditional pants and underwear laying ten feet from the spanking chair in the middle of the living the spankee is crying the spankee is finishing the half our spanking with his third implement that a bath brush,first hand, middle hairbrushing, if there is just speak up I'm that switch, I can't one those spankings that when there walking you to cornertime your crying and doing a spanking dance..if so pm please
  3. I know I'm probably crazy but I thought it would be alot easier trying to find someone that would have no problem saying come over here and takeing my pants and underwear off then right in the the living room giveing me a long hard real HAIRBRUSH spanking, people forget the traditional discipline, if you've ever seen Michael Masterson spanking the two girls in a bedroom, it's simply that he is geniunly spanking hard long through tears real disciplineing
  4. I have this problem I share a house with someone he's up top I'm on bottom when giveing or receiveing spankings I use what I have to wooden hairbrush I start all spankings in the living room then move on to the bedroom but if he ever asked I'd tell him, plus at the bottom of the stairs around the corner is my cornertime corner, he might come around the corner and see me bare bottomed and spanked...
  5. I would enjoy seeing someone given a real disciplinary spanking, I've always wanted to be spanked in front of someone, it would be very embaressing and humiliating for the ee pants and underwear laying on the floor it would be fine to see them brought to tears hopefully there behavior was corrected both male and female totally different spankings
  6. The BATHBRUSH during real discipline spanking, it gets reactions and when you see it your stomach drops getting spanked disciplineing style it can bring real tears
  7. A few times once I was brought to a park and went to a secluded area the spanking was in full force and some hikers walked buy, she just kept spanking after they said I didn't wanna look like I was doing something wrong...then during a party I was brought in the bedroom door open and given a bare bottom hairbrushing...it's actually a big fantasy to have other people witness my spanking
  8. Im looking for man or woman to administer a real disciplinary spanking if you are pm and we can talk details im from MN this is spanking is needed real reasons this is not sexual real discipline
  9. I believe that a male giving another male a real disciplinary spanking is very needed I've been spanked and been spanked by both, it's actually really hard to track the right male spanker im still trying to find one myself it takes out all sex adds embarrassment and really turns it into a "real spanking"
  10. Ya consider your self lucky I still wish I had the fear of getting my pants pulled down and spanked by my father at the end of my bed getting hairbrushes tell i was crying, it would be nice to have a real, consent spanker in my life that gave real spanking s when needed
  11. So a little while back I posted about getting a real male given discipline spanking, which I've been looking for a long time but I'm looking for that real traditional barebottom otk hairbrush spanking,hand even bath brush if necessary which this guy agreed he could do that and we chatted for awhile then we set it up real discipline spanking for real misbehavior,he came over and right away it was downhill he didn't start scolding or talking about anything for 20 minutes he said a few things he told me to do this and he meant that after being over 1 knee!( Which I hate) he spanked fast with no s
  12. So in 4 and 1/2 hours I'm going to get my very first real punishment spanking for real misbehaver, I'm straight and I find it very humbling know I'll be over another strict males knees in my living room pants and boxers on the floor sobbing probably as he holds me in place and hairbrushes until im bawling and begging....any advice comments?
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