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  1. wish you lived in NJ area. i would love to help you out with discipline
  2. hi Karen.i am listing a few reasons I have for gien a materional displine spanking to adults not sure you will like them . 1, failure to perform your best at work. 2 not completethings leaveing many things undone.3 not careing about others feelings .4 putting off important decisions till they cause problems and are to late to be fixed.5 avoiding things that you don't want to deal with. I feel a good maternal discipline spanking may help you change your life. of course it have to be more than one . I think if you choose a mom with spanking experience and does not have to
  3. I prefer using a hairbrush. its an item that allways available either at my house or a friends house.it can ever be carried with me if I wish
  4. hi sorry I do not live in your area. I am a 39yo mom who believes in discipline spanking even for adults I have given a few maternal spankings to our local college female students that were in need of help getting thinks together.i feel that as a mom my spankings have greatly helped them
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