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  1. a nice new profile picture, Cheers!

  2. Well this week sucked? I am in trouble with daddie for stuff in RL, I'm in trouble on here for being rude..  I'm just ready to get my  spanking and restrictions over with.

  3. So I was just looking at the whole leadership board thingy and i just realized that my posts (as crazy as they are )end up getting some one to write a well thought-out reply which in turn earns them points and I just feel like I should have some credit as well.. so your welcome to those who have earned points at my expense and I just felt like I deserve a trophy as well for providing those opportunities to y'all? ??
  4. Karen sometimes its fun to be bad ... if you obey all the rules you miss the most fun? ..hehe (and it's okay not to be perfect,no one is)
  5. Well perhaps but I don't think anything I said was out of line and I can't help that people get so easily offended. I'm not willi Wonka and I'm not going to sugar coat my thoughts.
  6. Um.. I wasn't being insulting I was asking a question; because I wanted to know if people took it seriously because I am a" newbie"but instead of educating me you got snippy as well so idk what you were expecting from me.
  7. Well bless your heart, and if I remember correctly you were the one that wrote that wrote the first disdainful comment.
  8. ?? something like that,but compared to last year I am practically an angel
  9. Excuse me!?!? You do realize I can read this. And so what if I'm a handful that is why daddie has 2 hands?
  10. I have goals and a plans for my future I am not the house wife kinda girl..i just don't like having to wait for my license to be approved by board .. it takes forever .. ugh.. so til then I'm like stuck doing this job because I have bills it totally sucks.
  11. I am planning on leaving my position but I have to wait til I get my license approved by the state board before I can work on my own and its like a whole process ..so I'm like stuck here running this man's business, until I get it all approved and it just sucks having to do this when I really want to focus on my own goals. And I love daddie but I don't want him to support me and I'm pretty sure he would just laugh if I ever asked him too because we aren't together.lol
  12. Have I mentioned how much I can't stand my job ...ugh. I just wanna stay home and watch my show and the go shopping but no I have to go to my stupid job?
  13. That makes sense, I guess you would have to have alot of self discipline to make it work and I have like no self discipline at all?.. I cant even imagine having to write all weekend,I have never had to write lines and I hope I never have too lol
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