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  1. Sometimes it seems there's way too much to do each day.

    1. RIspanko


      And too often it is an everyday thing

    2. eJuaq


      Whew, I feel that way as well!!

  2. Don't focus on the parts of the day that didn't go well, focus on the parts that did.

  3. Needtobebetter

    What is the ONE thing you need, or most want in your life?

    Right now, I need confidence.
  4. Needtobebetter

    Guilt relief

    This is an interesting topic for me because guilt is one of my companions in life.
  5. Needtobebetter

    Introvert vs. Extrovert

    Curious to know what people think of themselves. I consider myself to be an introvert. I need time alone by myself and when I don't get it, I lose the ability to function that well socially. But when I have that time, then I am much better. I'm learning to accept that about myself, but in the past, I have let others tell me that I need to be different. It's just been the past few years I have been able to understand that it is not bad to be an introvert.
  6. Needtobebetter

    Who are you & why are you here?

    I'm Needtobe, I guess. I'm 35, in Maryland, and I joined to see if, what takes place in my dream world, could help me in the real world deal with issues in my life. So far I'm not really sure but I'm glad to see others with the same interest as me.
  7. Needtobebetter

    A Place to Escape

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I wanted to share a little about the dream world inside my mind. *** It is a place that many people do not know about and those who do may question whether it is real. Indeed, the few who know for sure have been bound to secrecy on what truly happens there. Those who do travel there are only allowed in by permission, and they are warned they can only leave with permission. Likewise, if people are granted permission to leave, they are warned that only with permission can they ever return. All who take the trip, whether to or from, are fully aware they most likely cannot come back in the other direction. How is this enforced? This place is an island. It was from this island that my father's family came from, so after my father and mother passed away, I was sent back to this mysterious place to see if any of my father's relatives were still living. I have come to find out that the island is not accessible on three sides due to the geographical features of the land and sea. The one side that will receive ships has been closed off with a barrier. Only the island ships are allowed through and not until a thorough inspection has taken place in order to make sure no stowaways have tried to come on their own. As I have permission, I was allowed to enter. As I explain about my new home, this may seem strange or even foreboding, but it is privacy that the island leadership crave. Also, they want only the most worthy of people on the island in order to better secure the ones they are already responsible for. In their minds, it does not matter where people are from or what they look like, what matters is who they are. Before being allowed on the island ship, the warning is given that all who live on this island have an authority who can use physical means to enforce it. However, not until arriving on this island can anyone be fully aware of what that means. *** That's all I want to share for now. This is where I express the part of myself that cannot be shared in my outside life. Also, this is where I go when the world is crazy, pressures are great, and/or my failures seem overwhelming. This is my safe place.
  8. Needtobebetter

    Introducing my problem

    It's been a little over two weeks since I first made this post. Thanks to everyone who gave advice, made suggestions, and/or offered to help. It's become apparent that I'm not able to face this part of myself anymore. It's been nice to know that I'm not alone in certain interests, but I don't think I can explore any further.
  9. Needtobebetter

    Lily White (Fiction)

    I appreciate your story. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Needtobebetter

    Introducing my problem

    So now I'm having doubts about self-spanking. Maybe this isn't the right path for me.
  11. Needtobebetter

    Introducing my problem

    Thanks for all the responses. Maybe I could meet someone some day but before that, I guess I'm on a self-spanking quest. My neighbors have been very sensitive to noise in the past and they seem to be always home. I feel very self-conscious about this so I'm very hesitant.
  12. Needtobebetter

    Introducing my problem

    So I'm experimenting with self-spanking because I need to be better with my life but I'm too shy to reach out and find someone to help. But I have two problems. 1. I'm not able to really make it hurt as much as I think it should. 2. I live in an apartment and I don't want to make too much noise. So I'm here looking for advice.