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  1. It might not be converting someone as much as awakening something that might have  been there and just well hidden. I had one woman I dated many years ago. She was spanked when growing up but had not thought about it. After splitting up from a husband that ignored her she was ready for someone much more playful. She enjoyed spanking once she tried it and seemed to look forward to spankings when we got together. 

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  2. There were no woodsheds in the city but others knowing about a spanking was intense. For us it was more being hauled inside and others knowing what was going to happen. Being taken outside to a shed would have the same effect. Others knowing what was about to happen. 

  3. A should be a process and ritual it involves the discussion, getting into position, the spanking and what happens after. I can't say if I believe it is part of the preparation or the punishment but it is an important part of the overall ritual. Not rushing any part of the overall experience is best. 

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  4. Excellent post Annie. I agree. If someone needs or just likes anything from mild spankings to harder ones no one should say anything. We are all different and should not look down on anyone. Some of us may have reasons for liking or needing what we like. But it might be just who we are and were born this way. Thanks for bringing this up. 

  5. I have a friend 10 years older than me making her in her early 70's and she still enjoys spanking play. Maybe not as hard as when younger but still enjoys the role play of it all. Maybe the age spread makes a difference. But actual age should not matter being consenting adults. 

  6. If this is a serious question and not fantasy it is really good you did not ask. Asking a non-relative her age would be very different. But asking your own mom would just be strange. We each have our own ideas about strange. Some see any adult spanking as strange. I see it as just something I enjoy. But would leave relatives out of it. 

  7. I don't think there is a way to talk someone into liking something they are just not into. I had a couple of girlfriends that were not really into spanking games at first but tried it and got into it. Those were unique situations and we just discussed it and didn't spank hard at first. Starting with just being playful really helps. 

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