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  1. Owning your butt was common when I was younger as in I am going to own your butt when we get home
  2. Great story, enough but not too much detail with an ending that leaves room to ponder what happens next.
  3. I don't understand it enough to play
  4. Maybe I will take my ball and go home and not play
  5. DifferentialP

    granny34 (2).jpg

    Great picture, thanks for sharing.
  6. Hard to argue with this one
  7. Trading spankings is a great way for both to let go of stress
  8. I hope things go well. I just come here to chat and not to meet people.
  9. There were no woodsheds in the city but others knowing about a spanking was intense. For us it was more being hauled inside and others knowing what was going to happen. Being taken outside to a shed would have the same effect. Others knowing what was about to happen.
  10. DifferentialP


    It is always nice to have new people to chat with. Welcome to the site.
  11. We got them until early teens. Then started again when I had girl friends. Was a fun tradition and a way to see if someone was into spanking.
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