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  1. I'm not the guy for you. But, I wanted to tell you that I read your 'about me' section and found it comprehensive and well written. My compliments. I wish you well.
  2. I'm headed to El Paso in October .. and female spankees want to talk about it?
  3. SPANKING & PUNISHMENT CHECKLIST This list is a communication tool for both Spankers and Spankees. Rate them from 0-5 also short remarks are welcome if you feel they are needed. 0 You have no desire to do this activity. It is a hard limit. 1 You no desire for this activity, but if asked of you, you are likely to agree. 2 You are willing to do this activity, reluctantly.
  4. Sure. questionaire pdf version.pdf
  5. Not applicable in all scenarios, but some.
  6. I think this is useful. questionaire.docx
  7. I'm not sure why they were doing it, but I enjoyed watching it.
  8. I have been in some D/s relationships. It's been my experience that these relationships define themselves. At least for me, there is no set script. They seem to develop organically.. I think it's important to have frank preliminary discussion about where you each want the relationship to go and how you want to feel.
  9. I can think of few things more powerful than being trusted to spank and hold someone while they cry. It's a privilege.

  10. I haven't had mince pie in a LONG time.. sounds great!
  11. Leave some peanut butter flavor cookies out for Santa .. you might be surprised at what you find under your tree!
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