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  1. I'm headed to El Paso in October .. and female spankees want to talk about it?
  2. SPANKING & PUNISHMENT CHECKLIST This list is a communication tool for both Spankers and Spankees. Rate them from 0-5 also short remarks are welcome if you feel they are needed. 0 You have no desire to do this activity. It is a hard limit. 1 You no desire for this activity, but if asked of you, you are likely to agree. 2 You are willing to do this activity, reluctantly. 3 You would like to experience this activity occasionally. 4 You would like to experience this activity regularly 5 This activity is a major turn-on for you and you would like to experience it as much as possible, or it simply feels "natural" to you in this lifestyle. TYPE Erotic Fun = Just Because = Discipline When Master/Daddy feels it’s needed = Punishment When Master/Daddy feels it’s needed even if spouse is not compliant = CLOTHING Over clothing = Bare bottom = Over panties = Over panties then to bare = Completely nude = PJs and bare bottom = Panties or teddy hiked into crack= Over thong = OTK/Spanker sitting on straight-backed chair = Over lap on bed or sofa = OTK/Spanker's leg over spankee's legs and holding wrists = Spankee laying on bed with pillows raising bottom = Bent over edge of bed = Bent over straight-backed chair = Over back of sofa/chair = Over arm of sofa/chair = Bent over partner's hip and leg = Kneeling on hands and knees = Bent over with hands on knees = Bent over grabbing ankles = Laying over foot stool = Over kitchen table = Over spanking horse = Against wall or standing straight up = Against wall with cuffs/chain/rope = Being in a bent or down position with cuffs/chain/rope = Whipping post = Whipping Post restrained = In stocks (neck) = In stocks (wrist and ankle while standing) In spanking stocks (waist stock) = Hand = Hairbrush = Paddle-wooden = Paddle-wooden with holes = Leather paddle = Belt = Strap = Razor Strop = Tree switch = Wooden ruler = Wooden spoon = Rubber/plastic spatula = Wooden spatula (flat no curve) = Wooden bath brush = Sandal/Slipper = Cane = Flogger-suede = Flogger-leather = Tawse = Rubber strap = Rubber paddle = Plastic / lexan paddle = Riding Crop = Yardstick = Spanking type and or implement or punishment to be decided by chance; use dice or go fish etc. = Corner time with hands at sides = Corner time with hands folded in front = Corner time with hands on head = Corner time holding implement of correction = Corner time bottom shoved out = Corner time sitting in chair = Corner time holding books or something else aloft (like books)= Corner time sitting and writing lines = Fetching a switch = Rapid spanking = Slow spanking = Lectures/scolding before spanking = Scolding during spanking = Rubbing bottom by spankee = Rubbing bottom by Spanker = Stripped = Phrases used/Trigger language (I've been a naughty girl = Thank you Sir may I have another, etc.) = Having a safeword for all other than punishment spankings = Having a safeword during punishment spankings = Restraints/Cuffs = Following orders = Counting strokes = Sent to bed early = Grounded from something = Mouth washing = Spanker baring subs bottom = Spankee ordered to bare bottom = Told what to expect ahead of time = Not told what to expect at all = Shop for implements together = Spankee required to ask for a spanking = Spankee required to address spanker by, Sir, or another title = Submission spankings given every day (including any punishment due) = Submission spankings given every second day = Submission spankings given once a week = Submission spankings given twice a month = Submission spankings given once a month = Implement being shown to spankee before use = Implement being kept secret from spankee until use = Multiple implements used during a spanking session other than punishment Multiple implements used during punishment = Only one implement besides hand used during punishment = Only implement used during punishment = Only hand used during punishment = Penalties (extra swats or other) for not following orders/missing count/covering up/moving out of position, etc. = Phone call earlier in day telling what is to come (be in corner waiting/what to wear/etc.) = Building anticipation for upcoming spanking-telling in advance that a spanking is coming = Spankee explaining why they are receiving correction = Tied down to wait in a position with bare bottom = Made to hold a position without restraint with bare bottom (bent over, laying on bed, etc) = Spankee holds implement during hand spanking, then hands implement to Spanker when asked = Use of nipple clamps before, during or after spanking = Being made to wear a chastity device before during or after a spanking = Being made to masturbate before during or after a spanking = Figging (Ginger root in anus) before, during or after spanking = Icing between spankings = Soothing lotion between spankings = Oil between spankings = Icy/Hot or other warming agent or creams, toothpaste etc. between spankings = Wet bottom spankings = Being made to cry = Corner time standing bare bottom-any variation = Sitting bottom on hard chair = Holding some other punishment position = Writing lines or essay = Made to apologize for being naughty = Apologizes on her own = Made to wear sign (I have been spanked for being a bad girl, etc)= Made to post or tell other spanking friends about punishment = Hugs/cuddling = Sitting on lap = Sexual activity of any kind = Spankee required to thank spanker for spanking = Spankee thanks spanker on her own = Spankee made to feel loved, cherished, protected, secure = Sent straight to bed = Allowed to cry being cuddled or supported = Photographs of marks or red bottom standing in corner or lying over bed = Being grounded for a period of time = Loss of privileges = Spankee required to drop panties and show spanker condition of bottom whenever asked =
  3. Sure. questionaire pdf version.pdf
  4. Not applicable in all scenarios, but some.
  5. I think this is useful. questionaire.docx
  6. I'm not sure why they were doing it, but I enjoyed watching it.
  7. I have been in some D/s relationships. It's been my experience that these relationships define themselves. At least for me, there is no set script. They seem to develop organically.. I think it's important to have frank preliminary discussion about where you each want the relationship to go and how you want to feel.
  8. I can think of few things more powerful than being trusted to spank and hold someone while they cry. It's a privilege.

  9. Hook

    Just remember...

    I haven't had mince pie in a LONG time.. sounds great!
  10. Leave some peanut butter flavor cookies out for Santa .. you might be surprised at what you find under your tree!
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