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  1. Does corner time work

    It's definitely boring and unwanted so for someone into spankings guess it's a good punishment to bore me. Probably would make me more mad though.
  2. Crave a spanking so bad

    Yea, I've been super lucky that the guy I meet has talked alot and seems honest with me. Even encouraging my to read into this more. I'm glad I've meet him hoping everything goes well and we can meet, somewhere public first of course.
  3. Sorry for the pointless post but I just wanna say what I've been thinking for days. I want a spanking so bad. Been trying for so long to meet someone to be my first just so I can know the feeling. Ugh such a pain.
  4. Floridian Furry!

    Nice to see someone else from Florida :3
  5. Need help being dominant

    Yep, you're 100% right cause that's what ended up happening. Rough recovery for me.

    Darn. Ok

    Which part you heading to?
  8. So I meet with this girl and today was our second time meeting each other and we came to my house. After some awkward banter we started making out. Till today I had never kissed anyone so I didn't know what I was doing, just copied what she did. But when we got more into I really didn't know what to do with my hands. This mostly because I have always seen myself as a submissive so I never thought about it. She's also a submissive but stated she also would like to be a Dom. So her first task as my mistress was for me to be dominant. So that didn't go so well for me kinda stayed stuck in a loop of kissing I did end up having her over my lap for a few slaps on the ass, but didn't go long because parents were home. I then asked her how it felt knowing it was her first . While after that we took our pants off and that's pretty much where it ended. I want ideas or places I can learn what to do because I found myself dry going her alot I'd like to do more. She said just do what feels natural or just do don't think. But I really had no urges other than bladent sex. Which I knew she wouldn't allow so that's why it ended with us in our undies. Please help this lowly newbie.
  9. 20 year old male in search of a spanker. I'm 5'7 bit over weight short hair with a beard. I have yet to be spanked as an adult and am eager to try it. So if anyone happens to be near my area or interested I'd love to chat and possibly meet.
  10. Your scariest spanking?

    Wow, just had to say something. Way too good a read to just scroll passed.
  11. Domestic Discipline Pinellas Park Florida

    Sucks I'm a guy, luck on finding someone sir.
  12. Getting spanked, down the road

    Yea, I'll try doing that from now on. Thanks again.
  13. Getting spanked, down the road

    Ok, thanks for the tip.
  14. So I've been chatting I guess is the best way to describe it, with this guy. It's been on and off and yesterday after we haven't talked for a while, saying like more than a week. He texts me a picture of a smiley face with some words. So I kinda told him "idk why you stopped talking to me" . Cause by now I'm feeling forgotten or that he's not really interested. But then he says he's been working on a plan for our meet up, and that mentally reset my whole temper with him. But almost immediately after, he stops replying. I wanna know if you guys would keep waiting on him. He's no longer my top goal but I don't wanna just have him on my contacts forever. We are , or rather were planning a meet up for a spanking at the beginning he made it clear he'd want to be spanked which I had no problem with. Then later he texts about how he's a Dom and blah blah, so I think I'm getting spanked and that's it (if he ever agrees to show) which I'm ok with to. I just don't know what to say or do. If anyone's got advice I'd like to hear it.