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  1. Between two and three hours, now that counting the lectures she would get and corner time for her butt to cool down between spankings. She was getting real spankings for real reasons, I knew hubby was having a change of heart when he began sending notes with her to tell me things she was or wasn't doing at home.
  2. A long time ago I made a joke about a coworker needing a spanking for the way she talked to her husband. Her face turned blood red and she ran off to her office. Later that day she came into my office to explain why she ran off. Turned out she had been trying to get her husband to spank her for months and he made fun of her at first then told he just couldn't do it but told her she could find someone to spank her if she wanted. Now this is and was the most bashful young lady I've ever met so I half figured he said that because he knew she would never ask anyone. I was just as close a friend t

    In need

    Oh I would love to give you a helping hand so to speak! Just hit me up with a time so we can work out details and such!
  4. Years ago I had a long distance spanking partner and when we could get together I normally would get right to the spanking/punishment not wanting to waste a second of the time we would have together. Then we finally were going to have a long weekend together and when she arrived at the motel I moved her suitcase inside then put her in my car and we went to dinner. We had not discussed this in advanced and I could see she was a bit nervous and wondering what I was up to. While we waited for them to take our order I leaned towards her and told her that the second I got her to the room I was goi
  5. Lisa and Cathy stand in the hallway tugging at the hem of their skirts like that was going to make them longer. Both have a look of concern on their faces. No one would be surprised to see them together , they are best friends and partners in crime. Lisa had just said to Cathy earlier that it seemed nuts that a school that was so strict that they made you wear uniforms would have the skirts so short. This isn't the first time they've been in trouble but this is different , this teacher doesn't give second chances. With all the trouble they've ever gotten into neither of them has ever been span
  6. This made me think back to two young ladies I spanked some years back. In both cases I was helping them break some bad habits. It was the second or third meeting with Susan and she wasn't doing any better than before we started. I had her down to her panties and had given her a nice warm up spanking then had her standing back in front of me. She was blushing because I'd taken most of her clothes off and she knew her panties were coming down. It was too soon to start the next spanking so I lectured her once again. I remember it like it was yesterday. I told her how disappointed I was in her and
  7. If you're still looking lets chat an see if we are on the same page and work out a few details.
  8. Susie sits in her car with a bit of a smile on her face. This has been her dream for as long as she can remember and she can't remember being this excited in her life. She knows she's in safe hands but as her stomach fills with butterflies she wonders if this is going to be anything like her dreams. Finally she takes a deep breath and head to the door of the motel room. She can't make herself knock and just as she's about to run back to her car the door opens. "You're late young lady! If I was already in for some spankings I think I would be sure to be on time!" Brian takes Susie'
  9. Year ago I was giving a young lady a "helping hand" over some issues in her life. She needed to change some behavior and we works things out and she was coming to me every other week for some long talks. We worked out all her limits and such but this was very real spankings for very real reasons. Now I told her if was going to punish her for bad behavior then I thought she need to be rewarded for good behavior. After her punishments were over and things calmed down if she had done something good in the prior two weeks , show a big improvement on her behavior then she got to pick out a reward.
  10. The two of you need to sit down and really talk this out. Find out why she doesn't want you doing the spanking for starter but don't agree for her to get someone else to spank her when you know you won't be comfortable. This won't work for everyone in your situation but years back I was talking to a young lady in the same spot you are in. She tried doing the spanking but just couldn't get into it and the spankings showed it. She HATED the idea of her partner being spanked by another female and the partner told her she wouldn't go behind her back and do it. The three of us talked for months abo
  11. The sound issue doesn't mean you have to give up on some of the favorite implements. You can use a paddle but don't land the smacks as hard just land more of them and the fire will build, same thing with your hand. In some ways the build up is even better than the hard loud smacks. Also an electrical cord makes little sound but be very care because it can mark you if used to hard. Do you self spank with or without someone online telling you what your punishment will be?
  12. Along the same lines I remember two younger (20's) young ladies coming into the store I worked at and it was winter and snowing and extremely cold. These were regular customers and one wasn't wearing a coat. I looked at her and shook my head and in a "daddy" tone of voice said. "WHERE IS YOUR COAT YOUNG LADY!" Her reaction was priceless! Her face turned blood red and both her hands go to her butt like she's protecting it and answers .. "I'm sorry! I left it at work...…. please don't be mad." It was a couple weeks before she would even come back in store but her friend told me how embarrassed s
  13. Spin the bottle only if the bottle lands on you then you throw dice (two three or four of them depending on what the group has agreed to) and that's how many swats you get. Poker only your betting swats on a bare bottom and the winner of each hands cashes end at the end of the hand or you can play till one person has all the chip and then they cash in.
  14. I've been spanking young ladies for a very long time. When it's time for your undies to come down or off which is more embarrassing for you . to have to pull them down yourself while the spanker watches and waits or having them pulled down for you? It's been half and half for me .
  15. I lean more towards baby oil and if I'm in that frame of mind I'll use it before and after a spanking. I had a spanking partner a few years back that would get tears in her eyes if she saw the bottle of baby oil and would so some of her best begging if I applied it to place beside her butt because she knew anywhere I covered with the baby oil was going to get spanked.
  16. I've always a good reaction when I say 'You are not as sorry as your going to be!"
  17. I got started when I was seven or eight. Games of "house" where I was the mean daddy were top of the list. School was another one and I could even turn playing doctor as an excuse to give a spanking. Now as we got older more and more of the girls stopped playing the spanking games. I also remember that lots of times I had to be willing to get spanked to give spankings. In sixth grade our teacher would paddle a student at least twice a week and also gave birthday spankings. We were around twelve years old and just to be mean I pointed out to the teacher that Beth's birthday was in July and it w
  18. All depends on what has been agreed on in advance. I had a spanking partner that was married and I'd be lying of I said I wasn't turned on having her over my lap or bent over my desk but didn't act on those feelings. She was getting punishment spankings for very real reasons and my job was to make her to not want to be in trouble with me again. Now when the punishment was over I'd hold her and wipe the tears from her face and tell her it was all over and how I hoped I'd never have to spank her again but I never came close the crossing the line with her. It's all in setting limits and understan
  19. I'd love to chat with you and I've been told I'm easy to talk to
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