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  1. Between two and three hours, now that counting the lectures she would get and corner time for her butt to cool down between spankings. She was getting real spankings for real reasons, I knew hubby was having a change of heart when he began sending notes with her to tell me things she was or wasn't doing at home.
  2. A long time ago I made a joke about a coworker needing a spanking for the way she talked to her husband. Her face turned blood red and she ran off to her office. Later that day she came into my office to explain why she ran off. Turned out she had been trying to get her husband to spank her for months and he made fun of her at first then told he just couldn't do it but told her she could find someone to spank her if she wanted. Now this is and was the most bashful young lady I've ever met so I half figured he said that because he knew she would never ask anyone. I was just as close a friend to him as I was her so I told her to tell him I had agreed to spank her as long as he told me it was OK. I didn't want any secrets going on. That was the best two years I ever had! The only reason it ended was he had a change of heart and decided to do it himself.So you never know … you can bring it up in a joking or teasing manner and look for reactions.

    In need

    Oh I would love to give you a helping hand so to speak! Just hit me up with a time so we can work out details and such!
  4. Years ago I had a long distance spanking partner and when we could get together I normally would get right to the spanking/punishment not wanting to waste a second of the time we would have together. Then we finally were going to have a long weekend together and when she arrived at the motel I moved her suitcase inside then put her in my car and we went to dinner. We had not discussed this in advanced and I could see she was a bit nervous and wondering what I was up to. While we waited for them to take our order I leaned towards her and told her that the second I got her to the room I was going to take her dress off and give her the longest and hardest spanking she's ever gotten. She blushed so bad and even began biting her lower lip. I waited till we were about half done eating and told her I couldn't wait to turn her beautiful ass a nice shade of red. I kept this up all through dinner and when we got to the car I asked if she would like to go to a movie. This normally shy and bashful young lady looked me in the eyes and told me if I didn't take her back to our room and do all the things I'd promised during dinner that there was a chance she would kill me! I learned that night that I'd been making a big mistake rushing things in the past!
  5. Lisa and Cathy stand in the hallway tugging at the hem of their skirts like that was going to make them longer. Both have a look of concern on their faces. No one would be surprised to see them together , they are best friends and partners in crime. Lisa had just said to Cathy earlier that it seemed nuts that a school that was so strict that they made you wear uniforms would have the skirts so short. This isn't the first time they've been in trouble but this is different , this teacher doesn't give second chances. With all the trouble they've ever gotten into neither of them has ever been spanked. They both have been threatened with it but for whatever reason it never happens, at this point they both know that was about to change. The teacher finally comes and opens the door. Lisa and Cathy's stomachs fill with butterflies just from the stern look on his face. He shuts and locks the door and walks them to the front of the classroom and has them stand in front of the desks. They don't say a word to him not wanting to make matters worse. He looks them up and down and just shakes his head, " Skipping class , leaving school grounds , talking back to teachers and that's just what you two have done today! I would ask if you had anything to say for yourselves but there is nothing and I mean nothing you could say to get you out of the trouble you're in. Let me save us all some time , if you tell me that you are too old to be spanked I'm going to laugh at you. If you tell me that you are SO sorry I'm going to tell you that you aren't half as sorry as you're going to be. If you tell me this isn't fair I'm going to tell you life isn't fair so get over it!" He rolls up his sleeves and for the second time shakes his head at them. Both Lisa and Cathy are now shifting their weight from one foot to the other while tugging at the hems of their skirts. Cathy glances at Lisa and for some reason the fact Lisa was blushing made her feel better. Maybe it was now she knew she wasn't the only one blushing. Lisa got a cold chill when she watched him roll up his sleeves , that was when she knew for sure she was minutes from getting the first spanking of her life. The reason she's blushing is she's scared and embarrassed , but there was part of her that found this exciting. Then he walks over to Cathy and moves her to his left side. Cathy wanted to run for the door. She was caught off guard when he pulls up her skirt and puts her under his arm and pens her body against his hip. His arm is holding her skirt against her back and now her face is burning. The smacks land so fast they can't be counted and at times it seems he lifting Cathy off her feet. She doesn't try to get away but was letting out gasps at the beginning of the spanking that turned to a long moan towards the end. He lets her go and moves her directly in front of him. "It's OK for you to rub young lady , the whole idea of that spanking is to get the circulation going so you don't end up with a black and blue butt when we get done!" Cathy starts rubbing the back of her skirt and when that didn't seem to be helping both her hands go under her skirt to rub. Lisa is watch Cathy and didn't notice for a few seconds that the teacher was now in front of her. He didn't say a word, he just pulls her skirt up and bends her under his arm trapping her skirt with his arm. Lisa was already blushing but now her face is burning it's so red. He began landing smacks on the back of her panties and at first she thought it wasn't so bad but the burn began to build and she now understood why Cathy was running in circles with her hand under her skirt. He's not letting up and Lisa notices that some toward the bottom are stinging twice as bad and she figures out her panties have shifted and part of her ass is not longer covered. When he finally stops Lisa is running in circles with both hand under the back of her skirt and even thinking of pulling her panties down to rub. He's leaning back against his desk with a bit of a smirk on his face just watching the two of them rubbing their butts. They finally stop and stand back in front of their desks. "So ladies I think we've gotten your bottoms nice a warmed up so we can get to some REAL spankings! Now both of you need to reach under your skirts and take your little panties off and place them on your desk. Both of you know the panties you are wearing are not the panties issued with your uniform so that means your out of uniform on top of everything else you've done wrong today!" They look at each other then back at him before doing as they were told. Cathy and Lisa were shocked as he walks over and picks up their panties and uses push pens to hang them on the wall. " Let leave them up for a week or so as an example of what is not part of the school uniform! Now both of you can take a couple steps towards my desk then turn around , spread your legs and grab your ankles!" They do as they are told afraid of making thing worse. Lisa lets out a little gasp when he pulls her skirt up and tucks it in the waistband. Cathy doesn't make a sound but he face is now so red it's burning. Both girls wonder why he's pulling up their skirts because bent over the way they were their asses couldn't be covered. They hear him walk away but in less than a minute he's back and back with a paddle. It's an oval paddle but looks strange. They would find out later it was a wooden paddle cover in leather. Cathy hears a loud pop then Lisa let out a yelp. "You let go of your ankles so now the number of licks get doubled for both of you! Keep letting go … I have all day and all night!" A second pop and another yelp. Cathy's stomach is filling up with butterflies , she hating listening to Lisa get it but glad it's not her. A third even louder pop and this time Lisa lets out a long moan. Another pop and it takes Cathy a second or two to realize it was he right butt cheek that the paddle had landed on. Another smack this time on the left ass cheek and this time is Cathy that lets out the moan, The third pop is dead center on her ass and she almost lets go of her ankles. He taps the inside of her leg with the paddle and it wasn't till then that it hit her that he was seeing much more than her red ass. This continued till both of them had gotten twenty hard smacks to all three areas of their ass. He tells the they can stand and rub if they like but not to let their skirts fall down unless they wanted to take them off. Both of them do their own kind of spanking dance while rubbing their now very red asses. They both have to stop to tuck their skirts back into the waistband , the idea of him making them take them completely off was so embarrassing. After a good ten minutes Cathy sees that he's leaning against his desk with a smirk on his face. So she stops her dancing but not the rubbing and Lisa sees what's happening and does the same. "Looks like you two are ready to finish things up. Cathy bend over my desk , spread your legs nice and wide and grab the other side. Stay in place or we start all over and that mean starting over for both of you!" Cathy's isn't about to argue and walks to his desk. He moves out of her way and picks up a leather strap he had on the desk. She gets in place but he smacks the inside of her legs twice to make her spread them further open , telling her it was so she kept her balance. He tells her she's getting twenty with the strap and she has to count them out when they land. When the strap lands the first time she's never felt anything like it in her life. I was like she had gotten stung by a thousands bees all at once. By lick four the bee sting feeling has changed to her ass feeling like it was on fire. She somehow manages to stay in place for all twenty and when he lets her stand up she almost cries when he tells he she can't rub. Lisa gets put over the desk and Cathy knows Lisa doesn't have a clue how much of her can be seen after he makes her keep spreading her legs. The strap begins to land and Lisa lets out a yelp before counting out the number. Cathy thinks it's almost as hard to watch Lisa get spanked as it was to get spanked and wondered if that's how Lisa has felt. The spanking finally comes to an end and Lisa is shocked when she's told to stay right where she is. Cathy's about to cry when he tells her to bend back over the desk right beside Lisa. "I hope I've gotten the point across to both of you young ladies! Get sent back to me again I promise it won't be so nice next time." Both girls jump when he squirts cold baby lotion on their burning asses. He rubs it in the squirts even more on. Neither say a word unless you count little moans coming from both of them, Cathy feels Lisa jump just a bit and wonders why then understand completely when his finger tips spread the lotion into her butt crack and his finger tips come ever so close to her little back hole. He rubs their red bottoms for a good twenty minutes before telling them to stand up. He hands the both a folded piece of paper. "Get this signed by your dads and bring it back Monday. No excuses for not bringing it back … the punishment will triple what your got today and those skirts will be off! Now go home before I change my mind!" They leave the room not about to give him a chance to change his mind and spank them some more. They get to Cathy's car and neither of them is in a hurry to sit down so they stand there rubbing their sore bottoms. Lisa balls up the piece of paper that she had been given and looks and Cathy and grins. "OK can you tell me how something so embarrassing and hurts so much can make me feel the way I feel right now? My ass is burning yet I can't wait till next time! Your hubby has it down pat and is a bit of a tease. When he was rubbing the lotion on our butts and started in the butt crack I was scared to death he was going to put his finger up my butt then kind of disappointed when he didn't." Cathy's laughs then looks around to make sure no one is watching them standing there rubbing their red bottoms. "I kind of know how you feel only it wasn't my butt I was hoping he would stick his finger in! I'm a bit surprised he didn't get naughty at all. Uh you may want to pick up that paper , when we get to the house he's no longer the teacher he's going to be daddy and you'll be told that it's his house and his rules! I don't think he's going to behave the entire weekend either. I wonder how smart we were when we told him if he would do this for us that he got to make all the rules?" Lisa is shifting her weight back and forth from one foot to the other again and begins to blush. "I damn near forgot we aren't done yet! I didn't think you would go through with this Cathy , but I'm sure glad you asked me to tag along and get our first ever spankings together! So lets head to your house and see if he's waiting on us!"
  6. This made me think back to two young ladies I spanked some years back. In both cases I was helping them break some bad habits. It was the second or third meeting with Susan and she wasn't doing any better than before we started. I had her down to her panties and had given her a nice warm up spanking then had her standing back in front of me. She was blushing because I'd taken most of her clothes off and she knew her panties were coming down. It was too soon to start the next spanking so I lectured her once again. I remember it like it was yesterday. I told her how disappointed I was in her and she should be ashamed of herself. She began to cry like I had smacked her across the face. After all her punishment was over and I was holding her and tending to her bottom she told me as crazy as it was the fact she had cried was the best thing that could of happened. Her behavior got much better in a hurry but if I said I was disappointed in her the tears came without the first smack. The second young lady was very similar only our spanking sessions were more for fun and roleplay but we also were working on some bad habits . She had came in a cheerleader uniform and had a note from a teacher talking about her behavior. The behavior in the note was one of the issues we had been working on for real. I put her in the corner and pulled her panties down to her feet and in my firmest tone told her I'd never been so disappointed in someone in my life and if she wanted to be treated like an adult it was time for her to start acting like one. Next thing I know she's crying like a baby and not for show. I get her out of the corner and she buries hear head in my chest. When she finally calms down she was so embarrassed then said it was hard to explain but me saying I was disappointed in her was more than she could handle even knowing we were roleplaying. Neither of them ever cried from an actual spanking but I could make both of them cry with firm words.
  7. If you're still looking lets chat an see if we are on the same page and work out a few details.
  8. Susie sits in her car with a bit of a smile on her face. This has been her dream for as long as she can remember and she can't remember being this excited in her life. She knows she's in safe hands but as her stomach fills with butterflies she wonders if this is going to be anything like her dreams. Finally she takes a deep breath and head to the door of the motel room. She can't make herself knock and just as she's about to run back to her car the door opens. "You're late young lady! If I was already in for some spankings I think I would be sure to be on time!" Brian takes Susie's hand and walks her into the room. He knows how nervous Susie is and someone as bashful as she is this was a very big step. This has been a long time coming but almost a year of chatting online and on the phone plus taking her to dinner a few times he knows the timing for this is as perfect as it can get. Susie is so bashful yet the first thing she told Brian was she wanted the punishment weekend to be as embarrassing as he could make it. He was about to show her she should be careful what she wishes for because she may just get it. He walks to the end of the bed still holding her hand. He sits down and moves her directly in front of him. He scans her body from head to toe and makes sure she sees him doing it. "Normally this is when I'd give you a nice long lecture on why you're being punished and give you a chance to explain yourself to me but you've waited too long for this day as it is and the truth is I really don't want to wait myself." Susie is biting her lower lip and her face is so red it looks like it was about to explode but Brian knew it was OK to continue , between the safe words he had given Susie and the hint of a smile on her red face he knew she was OK. He reaches out and unbuttons her wrap around skirt. Susie looks down at the floor as Brian takes it off of her unable to look him in the eyes. Brian folds the skirt then hands it to Susie and tells her to put it on the dresser. Brian watches as she walks the few step to the dresser. "Someone is just adding up their spankings , already in trouble and you show up late and I made it very clear I expected you to wear white cotton panties and you show up in pink silk panties. Now they look sexy as hell on you sweetie but you will learn to follow instructions!" Susie stands in front of Brian once again and Brian takes her hand and moves her to the side of the chair then gently pulls her over his lap. He smiles as he checks out her perfect bottom then runs his hands over the back of her silk panties and he feels he tense up. While no real need to do it he tugs on the waistband of her panties to get them even tighter over her ass. Then more rubs and this time he hears her take a deep breath. "Just a little reminder Susie , you are NOT allowed to squirm off my lap or try to cover your butt with your hands. Do it and we'll be making a trip outside for you to cut a switch!" Brian began spanking Susie's ass going from one butt cheek to the other. It took about a dozen smacks before Susie began to squirm and another dozen before you began to kick her legs. Brian was making sure that every inch of her pretty ass got some smacks. He was listening close to Susie just in case she used one of the safe words. She was saying everything except a safe word from how sorry she was to she was too old to be spanked like a little girl. Once Brian was sure her bottom was nice and hot he helps her back to her feet and back in front of him. She started reaching back a couple times but stops herself knowing that would get her in trouble. "OK young lady, now that we've gotten your warmup spanking out of the way let's finish getting your undressed so we can get to the real spankings. Brian begins to unbutton her blouse starting at the bottom and working his way up. Susie was shifting her weight from one foot to the other and was biting her lower lip again. Brian managed to keep a smile off his face and when the last button was undone and her starts to take her top off she puts both hands on her top to stop him. "Oh please don't do this! If your spanking my butt I don't understand why you have to take all my clothes off , think about it , it makes no sense at all!" Brian hesitates for a minute. During there many long talks she had told him that she could count on one hand the number of times she's let a guy see her naked. She's so bashful and has it in her head guys would not like what they saw. She even used that line out of a movie saying her tits were too small , her ass was too big and she had legs like a chicken. Now none of this is true but that wasn't what caused Brian to hesitate. He knew she really was extremely bashful and if she really didn't want him to undress her then he wouldn't push it. Then he remembers her telling him several times that she wanted this weekend to be as embarrassing as he could make it. So did she really want him to stop? He wasn't sure for a minute or two. Then it hits him that if she really didn't want this to happen she had the safe words , one would make him stop and talk about things and the other meant everything needed to stop for good. He moves her hands down to her side and opens up the blouse but doesn't take it off of her. Brian gives her a kiss on the cheek and looks deep into her eyes. "I'll explain this to you one time and one time only young lady. Getting punished isn't just about the many and I do mean many smacks that are going to be landing on your sweet ass. You letting me take you clothes off shows me that you understand who is in charge this weekend. It's meant to embarrass you but it's more about you totally giving yourself to me. Plus what makes you think that only your butt could get spanked? What makes you think I didn't bring some nipple clamps or candles to drip hot wax all over your naked body? Now me seeing you naked isn't the reason but it is a bonus for me!" The look on Susie's face when he brought up nipple clamps and hot wax was priceless. He didn't have either of them and only brought it up because Susie had said during their talks how those two things scared the hell out of her but at the same time made her curious and how maybe someday she would try them but that would be something way off in the future. Brian opens her blouse and once again both of Susie's hands come up to the blouse only this time she takes a deep breath and takes it off. She looks at Brian and manages a nervous smile before walking over to the dresser and laying the top on her skirt. "Take that damn bra off while you're over there little one! You won't be wearing underwear again till you get home Sunday and we won't be spending every minute of the weekend in this room little one." Susie turns to walk back to Brian somehow managing not to cover her chest with her hands. One look at her face and anyone could see how embarrassed she was but he wasn't humiliating her and that's a big difference. Brian fought of smiling at how innocent she looked with her red face a chewing her lower lip again. Once she's back in front of him he pulls her panties down to her knees. It was almost funny that she closed her eyes the second he put his fingers in the waistband , like a little child who thought if they closed their eyes and they couldn't see then no one could see them. He took a minute to scan her almost naked body the rubs the back of his hand over her cheek then over her shoulders and chest then slowly down to her stomach and finally over her mound. He eyes were still shut but he was pretty sure he heard a little moan while he was doing this. "You're so damn beautiful and you don't have a clue do you? You honestly think someone would think something was wrong with your body! I don't know how but believe me we will be working on this. To start with every damn time I hear you put yourself down you've earned yourself a belt spanking and I'm not talking about just this weekend little one!" Brian stands and opens his suitcase and gets out a black leather paddle. When he smacks it against his hand Susie's eyes are suddenly wide open. He had told her he had a lather paddle and she had said she hoped she got to see it, well she not only was going to see it she was going to feel it. Brian walks behind her and pulls her panties to the floor then taps her on the butt to make her step out of them. He picks them up and tosses them on the bed deciding not to point out to her the big wet circle that had formed on her undies. "Bend over and put your hands on the seat of the chair , legs far apart so you can keep your balance little one. I think twenty on each butt cheek then ten dead center will be a nice start and I expect you to count out each and every smack!" Brian rubs the leather paddle over her ass and smiles when he hears a little moan come out of her mouth. He reminds her she has to count out each smack. He lands the paddle on her right ass cheek and she lets out a very loud gasp then quickly yells out one. The second smack lands in the exact same spot and once again she lets out a gasp before calling out the number two. The first ten smacks land on her right ass cheek and she manages to count out each one. Brian runs his hand over the now red butt cheek and once again she lets out a moan. Ten smacks have turned that entire ass cheek a nice shade of red so he decides it's time to switch sides. Just to tease and confuse her Brian rubs the paddle over the already red right ass cheek then lands the next smack on the left one. Ten smacks to the left butt cheek and both sides are now a nice shade of red , not so red that he has any concerns of her butt ending up black and blue. Now he lands a smack on the right side then dead center then the left side. The gasps are now squeals and she's running in place between the smacks now. He takes his time now and waits almost thirty seconds between the smacks. She didn't count out the last two butt Brian decides to not make an issue out of it. He tells her to stay put and then her pulls the covers off the other bed and gets a large beach towel out of his suitcase and spreads it out on the bed. "You did very well young lady and now it looks like you need a break. Come lay down face down on the towel and I'll give you a little baby oil massage." Brian spent the next hour giving Susie a full body massage. Other than teasing her nipples a bit he behaved while doing the massage and that wasn't easy for him. Even after the massage Susie's bottom was ready to get any more spanking so Brian strips down to his underpants and lays beside Susie. His hand goes right to her butt and he softly rubs and they talk. Susie opened up and told him that the spanking hurt much more than she thought they would but it turned out to be a good thing and she giggled and said being naked was more punishment than the actual spankings. Brian told her how beautiful she was and how much he was enjoying spanking her butt. Things couldn't have been better and before the weekend ended Susie has other firsts besides the spankings and Brian felt like he was in a dream and never wanted to wake up. That was their first time but it sure wasn't the last!
  9. Year ago I was giving a young lady a "helping hand" over some issues in her life. She needed to change some behavior and we works things out and she was coming to me every other week for some long talks. We worked out all her limits and such but this was very real spankings for very real reasons. Now I told her if was going to punish her for bad behavior then I thought she need to be rewarded for good behavior. After her punishments were over and things calmed down if she had done something good in the prior two weeks , show a big improvement on her behavior then she got to pick out a reward. It could be a dinner at a nice restaurant or a movie she wanted to see or my favorite a long full body massage and she got to pick if it was going to be a PG13 … R or X rated massage. It worked out very well for her. Does anyone else do this? I brought it up with another young lady and she said she didn't think she should be rewarded for doing the right thing.
  10. The two of you need to sit down and really talk this out. Find out why she doesn't want you doing the spanking for starter but don't agree for her to get someone else to spank her when you know you won't be comfortable. This won't work for everyone in your situation but years back I was talking to a young lady in the same spot you are in. She tried doing the spanking but just couldn't get into it and the spankings showed it. She HATED the idea of her partner being spanked by another female and the partner told her she wouldn't go behind her back and do it. The three of us talked for months about anything and everything Then almost joking I told them the easy fix was for me to do the spanking. Lisa could get the spankings she needed and Cathy didn't have to worry seeing I wasn't a female. Fast forward a month and we are meeting for a weekend. I got two rooms … one for them and one for me. I told them I would not spank Lisa without Cathy in the room to watch. It went better than any of us thought it could. A couple times it was Cathy that looked like she was going to cry but Lisa told her she was fine. All the limits were in place and once Lisa's bottom was blood red I sent her to Cathy so she could rub cold baby oil on her bottom. When I put Lisa in the corner with her well oiled bottom on display I teased Cathy and asked if she was next. Later when Lisa was getting spanked with a belt I made Cathy count out the licks. We met once a month for over a year and we all had a blast. It ended when Cathy decided she could really handle giving the spanking herself and she did a good job. Last I heard they are still together and the last I talked to Lisa she giggled and said I created a monster. So don't give up and talk then talk some more then sit down and talk again.
  11. The sound issue doesn't mean you have to give up on some of the favorite implements. You can use a paddle but don't land the smacks as hard just land more of them and the fire will build, same thing with your hand. In some ways the build up is even better than the hard loud smacks. Also an electrical cord makes little sound but be very care because it can mark you if used to hard. Do you self spank with or without someone online telling you what your punishment will be?
  12. Along the same lines I remember two younger (20's) young ladies coming into the store I worked at and it was winter and snowing and extremely cold. These were regular customers and one wasn't wearing a coat. I looked at her and shook my head and in a "daddy" tone of voice said. "WHERE IS YOUR COAT YOUNG LADY!" Her reaction was priceless! Her face turned blood red and both her hands go to her butt like she's protecting it and answers .. "I'm sorry! I left it at work...…. please don't be mad." It was a couple weeks before she would even come back in store but her friend told me how embarrassed she was that she pretty much let me know she got spanked. I told her that it wasn't a big deal but who ever was spanking her sure was lucky. She smiles and blushes a little and says "yes I am."
  13. Spin the bottle only if the bottle lands on you then you throw dice (two three or four of them depending on what the group has agreed to) and that's how many swats you get. Poker only your betting swats on a bare bottom and the winner of each hands cashes end at the end of the hand or you can play till one person has all the chip and then they cash in.
  14. I've been spanking young ladies for a very long time. When it's time for your undies to come down or off which is more embarrassing for you . to have to pull them down yourself while the spanker watches and waits or having them pulled down for you? It's been half and half for me .
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