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  1. I'm older and hadn't been spanked in ages until a month ago, when I got a hard spanking with multiple implements. Everything was fine, my tolerance level was high and where I expected. After that my bottom was a bit dry while healing, so I changed my shower routine. I normally use a moisturizing body wash elsewhere but just a liquid soap on my bottom. I changed to also using the moisturizing body wash on it every day, and most days also used an in shower lotion that contains Almond oil. A few days ago, on the day of a 2nd spanking, I still used the moisturizing body wash, but skipped the almond oil lotion. It was a hard spanking, but from the beginning to the end I was in absolute agony, as opposed to tolerable pain. It was well beyond my tolerance level for the same implements that were tolerated in the first spanking. Does anyone have an opinion on whether the hugely magnified sting and pain was more related to that day's moisturizing body wash or was it more due to the month of moisturizing and using almond oil lotion? Thanks in advance.
  2. Similar to Jeff Foxworthy's "you might be a redneck" jokes, this is the spanko version. Think up something funny or true that indicates you might be a spanko. I'm sure the people here are more creative than I am, but I'll start: 1. If you just built a woodshed, but your home doesn't have a fireplace, then you might be a spanko. 2. If you use more face lotions on your bottom than on your face, then you might be a spanko. 3. If every item you buy from Home Depot gets smacked against your hand first, then you might be a spanko.
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