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  1. I rather enjoy anal play along with my spanking. I want to try the ginger root but my husband not comfortable with using it on me. He will inseet a butt plug while he is paddlong me.
  2. SPANKING SURVEY 1. Have you ever gotten spanked?: Yes 2. Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes?: Bare, always 3. What is the best thing about being spanked?: my job is very stressful and i am the dominate one in my career choice. It is very relaxing to let go and let someone dominate me. 4. What position do you get spanked in?: OTK always 5. Have you ever gotten spanked in public?: no☹ 6. What do you get spanked with the most?: veeu large heavy paddle hubby made 7. On a scale of 1-10 how much does the average spanking hurt?: 9 8. Have you ever been spanked
  3. My husband prefers to use the paddle on me, i prefee the belt.....as long as im getting spanked it doesnt matter!
  4. I have climaxed during a spanking.....often! I am very aroused by pain, the sting and the warmth when recieving a good paddleing is very arousing to me. In fact i cant even reach a climax without getting spanked, thi king about getting spanked, or some kind of pain being inflicted.
  5. When my husband sits on the end of the bed, pulls out the paddle and tells me to assume the postion. As i am laying across his lap i feel him getting aroused, whuch turns me on even more. I am all about satisfying my husband, dont get me wrong i REALLY enjoy getting spanked, but knowing he is enjoying spanking me makes me enjoy it even more!
  6. Yes, i can not reach climax without at.least thinking about getting spanked. Fortunately, my husband is onboard with spankings. I dont think he kniws just how much i depend on it to be completly satisfied.
  7. Pain always gets me exited. Just knowing im going to get spanked gets me close to an orgasm. It usually takes about 15 swats with the paddle and i climax!
  8. I prefer anal play during spanking. It does make me feel more vulnerable and submissive. To lay there butt up not knowing what he is going to do or what is coming next. I have never been figged all though i would love to try. He uses a number of toys, fingers, and even tongue. Like i said i never know what he will do. I also enjoy anal sex after a good spanking with the paddle. The feeling of the continued sting everytime he touches me. It is also a very submissive position.
  9. I either tell him out right or i just lay across his lap with my bare butt in his face he cant help but know i need a spanking then. Ive also been known just to have the paddle sitting on the bed when he walks in and im already naked.
  10. Take off your clothes and over my knee. Turn over now Just the sound of his belt going through the loops of his pants gets me going! Or even when i hear him picking up thw paddle.
  11. Paddle always the paddle. In fact i asked for a change and begfed for the belt, but no got the paddle!
  12. I get the paddle that my husband made. It is heavy and gets the job done. To me the belt does not hurt at all. If i need a good spanking nothing does the job like a good paddling. I knkw my husband also prefers to use the paddle on me.
  13. Welcome and good luck in your search. I've been getting spanked for years and have no regrets. Just be careful and know what you want and looking for.
  14. Mine started when I was younger, only been spanked once as a child. As I grew I stumbled across a book I read where the girl got taken to a woodshed and spanked. I would fantasize I was her. I read that passage over and over. When I got married my husband put me across his knee and spanked me playfully then got harder every time we did. I loved it! Through the years I wanted more of a punishment then just playful spankings. He finally made a hard wood paddle....it hurts but I long for it, it is a stress reliever.
  15. Sitting, working, standing, moving, everything reminds me of a good spanking. Working is the worst if I give a little wince when I sit my students always quick to notice.
  16. 1 some times 2 a month, they are usually hard enough they last me. I would actually like more! I'm actually hoping to get my first 2018 tonight!
  17. I gst that way too, i have someone to spank me just finding the time and the energy is a pain. Sometime you just want it so bad it physically hurts, but oh the sweet relief when you finally get it
  18. 1. Spanked more often 2. Spanked while somone is watching 3. Recv more punishment spankings 4. Spanked to tears 5. Having to count out my spankings 6. Spanked where ever and whenever deserved not waiting to we get home and kids are in bed, but on the spot!
  19. I myself often imagine something like that happening to me so I would say it's normal. I sometimes fantasize I'm bent over waiting for a spanking and there is a knock on the door my husband tells me to stay exactly the way I am and next thing I know his boss is standing there. As my husband starts my punishment his boss is giving him tips then takes over to show him. I know this will never happen but the thought really turns me on!
  20. My husband made a paddle out if scrap wood not sure what kind but it does the job and it is heavy we have had it for 11yrs. I prefer the wooden paddle to anything else. The sting is there and i can last longer through the punishment and it leaves the desirable effect.
  21. Wow that is an awesome idea. Being a spanked I would love that!
  22. My husband has a very large and heavy paddle and it hurts! On the bare bottom over the knee usually after a shower.
  23. I take off my clothes and he watches, I'm always naked. I always have to strip while he watches. Then I wait till I'm told to bend over his knee. I wear special undies all day that reminds me that I'm going to be spanked later. He never lets me keep them on.
  24. I have to remove my own clothes while he watches. It makes me feel very vulnerable and humble. Then i wait for the command to bend over. He doesnt touch me till the first crack of the paddle.
  25. This is true in my situation. I need ti be spanked not for any wrong doings but just because i need it. I get a good hard spanking at least once a month. My spanker does give me a reason, i can think of one in my head if needed. As long as i get a good paddling i feel relieved, relaxed almost.
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