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  2. Yes I always become aroused when I am spanked, even more so if my spanker comments on my erection.
  3. Hello all, I live near Beaumont, Tx and am looking for others in the area that are into spanking. I am a switch and like to both give and receive. If there is anyone nearby who would like to have some spanking fun please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Are you spanked bare bottom? What are your favorite implements?
  5. Looking for others in my area that are into spanking. Please feel free to message me.
  6. Hello christy. I think it’s great that you are exploring this with your husband. The need to be spanked can be very powerful and it’s not always easy to tell ones spoise about it so it sounds like you two have a very trusting relationship. As long as you both enjoy it I see no reason to stop.
  7. When I am spanked it turns me on to be fully nude while my spanker is fully clothed. I think the embarrassment makes it more exciting for me. Does anyone else like this?
  8. I think the paddle, cane and brush all hurt the most
  9. Male spanker here. Where are you located?
  10. Texas spanker here. I’m more than happy to spank for free.
  11. Where in Texas are you located? I’m near Beaumont.
  12. Looking for someone near Beaumont tx to spank me
  13. Tannerhyde75


    Hello, this is the guy that was spanking you back in Lubbock before I moved. If you get this message I would really like to chat with you.
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