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  1. I’m not from Arkansas, but I’m right next door in Oklahoma if you’d like to chat!
  2. I agree with Spanknutt! I enjoy amateurs giving and receiving real, or at least realistic spankings. A lot of the professional videos (with a couple of exceptions) are so fake I don’t even bother to click on them anymore.
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to the Oklahoma Spankos club. I hope it turns into a friendly and fun place to make some new friends from our area.
  4. I am an experienced disciplinarian with over 15 years experience helping people improve their lives by providing rules and accountability. I am located not far from OSU in Oklahoma and am offering my services to struggling college students that may be having trouble adjusting to college life with no rules or immediate consequences. I can help with bad study habits, partying too much, spending habits, and much more. We will talk about your individual issues and develop a discipline program specific to your circumstances that includes a set of rules, schedules, and consequences.
  5. I agree totally! I work with the public as well and it is amazing to me the complete lack of respect and attitude of entitlement I see on a daily basis. I don’t think it’s contained to a certain demographic either, it’s just a generalized attitude that is becoming more common. I have to wonder if at least a portion of it isn’t because our society today has made some things such as shopping so easy. You can log onto a website from your phone, purchase almost anything you want, and have it shipped to your house all without seeing or talking to an actual person at any stage of the process
  6. Hey everyone, I’m going to be in OKC tonight and tomorrow and was just wondering if any fellow spankos wanted to get together.
  7. As someone who has been on both the giving and receiving side of spanking I think it just depends on the person because everyone is different. However, I do feel as if being on the receiving end of a few spankings myself has made me a better spanker and disciplinarian because I have a lot better idea what the spankee is experiencing both physically and emotionally having actually experienced it myself. It’s one thing to talk or read about someone else’s experiences being spanked and think you understand, but it’s another to have actually gone through it yourself.
  8. Still searching for fellow spankos from Oklahoma. Anyone care to chat?
  9. Do you ever make it to Oklahoma?
  10. Hey everyone! I’m going to be in the OKC area for a few weeks for work and was wondering if there are any spankos in the area?
  11. Hello everyone! Was just curious if there are any spankos in Oklahoma? Always looking to make new friends in my area!
  12. Hello, and welcome to the site! Always good to see new people from my area. Would love to chat sometime!
  13. Hello there and welcome to the site! What part of Oklahoma are you from? I am from NW Oklahoma.
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