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  1. Hello- New Spankee

    Welcome to the site!
  2. Profile Picture

    Mine is just me, albeit a few years ago when I was in college and my hair was shorter. Figured I'd keep it simple xD
  3. 25,000 Member Milestone

    always good to see the community grow and thrive Here's hoping it continues to do so
  4. Smart mouthed Ees

    lol all these are classic I'll have to remember them, perhaps to use in the future xD
  5. Hi all

    Welcome to the site! Hope you find what ur looking for
  6. How did this all start?

    I think I realized it when i was very young. I didn't understand it back then, but I grew to understand it as I got older
  7. Finally!

    Finally actually uploaded a profile pic. I believe I introduced myself a while back, but just wanted to double check: any women in or around SC that are into spanking?
  8. Anyone in the SC area?

    ohhh awesome, well if y'all ever see me online feel free to PM me.
  9. Anyone in the SC area?

    I just recently discovered this forum and posted a little introduction. To further elaborate: I'd love to talk to (or maybe eventually meet) any females interested. I'm male, 26, in the SC area. I'm kinda new to spanking, but I'm open to giving or receiving. It could be discipline or just for fun. Looking forward to speaking with and getting to know you all. -sin
  10. A quick introduction

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 26, male, and have been into spanking my entire life, but I've always been too shy to be open about it. Up until now I've only really self spanked, but even that feels amazing. I think I would enjoy giving or receiving for either disclipine or fun. I would love to meet or talk to others like myself and learn more about spanking. Hit me up, I'm chill, I don't bite lol