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  1. You let a man give you painful swats on your hand in high school? Did he make you stick your hand out? Was that the norm then? I feel like high schoolers would of resisted that including me.
  2. I had this bad when I was a kid. Used to have bald spots on my head.... It was very embarrassing. I would do it without even thinking usually when I was stressed. Seemed to have gone away with age for me, though I keep my hair short now. Don’t think a spanking can help with this.
  3. Margaery, Cersei, Melisandre, or ygritte.
  4. When I was real young probably 7 or 8 I always envisioned being spanked by girls my age that I would see around my neighborhood and such. That’s probably the earliest thought I have of wanting to be spanked.
  5. Straight 22 year old male here, I rather be spanked by a female but also want to be spanked by an older straight strict male who is between 40-60 years old. Located in New York.
  6. Yes I’m straight and 21 and I want a middle aged male to spank me. Don’t know why I have this fantasy with a man, I guess I just want to be punished.
  7. I'm a 20 year old straight guy and have always fantasized of being spanked by a woman. However I also been turned on to the idea of being spanked by a male. I actually have been jerking off to the idea. He would be in his early 30's and a stern calm male authority figure as he would order me to bend over his lap for a discipline spanking with his deep voice and I would obey. I don't know why I have this fantasy as I'm not attracted to men at all.
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