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  1. What material is the cane? such as...bamboo, delrin, wood, hard rubber, fiber glass, rod of some kind, or something else It can be made of any pf those materials although the traditional material ere on Rattan. Approximately what length is the cane used? - I prefer 32 inches Is the cane applied to bare skin? - I prefer to cane across a bared bottom as I think it s mch safer tht way as you can see the results insantly How is the spankee typically positioned? - For maximum effect the spankee should be in a bent over position as that tenses the bottom cheeks. Where on the body are cane strokes applied? - From just where the thighs meet the bottom cheeks up to an nch or teo beloe the top of the bottom Are the strokes applied with minimal tapping, moderate effort, or with the full ability of the spanker. - that very much depends on the caner . . . . Does the cane typically leave marks such as streaks, bruises, welts? Typically yes it does and the harsher the strokes the longer the stripes will last. Approximately how many cane strokes are applied in a more intense caning? In my view than 18 strokes wpuld be given What is the rythm of cane stroke application? That is, slow and deliberate or fast and furious flurries of strokes, or something in between or mixed? - Again down to the caner, but I like to leave s long gap between strokes so the full sting sinks in, and that also helps stop the bottom becoming desensitized too soon . . . Is some form of restraint for the spankee to limit their movement during the caning? If the spankee is to o active then restraints can be used, or the threat of additional strokes also works to keep them still.
  2. Hi there, i'm also from the UK . . . welcme to the site . . . .
  3. Expat51

    j (2).jpg

    A truly lovely bottom . . . .
  4. I spent most of my working life as an expatriate, living and working in different countries to that of my birth, hence the "expat" part and the "51" was my age when I made the screen name. So, as the Meerkat says . . . Simples . . . .
  5. I can access via IE so it has to be a Chrome setting problem but as I said, I've no recollection of changing anything
  6. I thought it might be a setting issue but I've not knowingly changed anything and have accessed the chat room always from the Chrome browser . . . . . Thanks for your help . . . .
  7. I access via Chrome browser and when clicking on the Chat Room button all I get is a "Message" box rather than the main room window.Regardless of whatever option I try to pick on there, nothing results.
  8. Is there any update on the status on getting the chat room back up and running?
  9. No you are right . . . . because it was Annie's faut
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