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  1. For us, it's a mixture of both. Depends on what the punishment. Sometimes she'll do it to add to my punishment and embarrassment. Sometimes she'll make me do it as an order.
  2. Generally time. But extra punishments will be in number of swats (5 for blocking, 10 for talking back).
  3. Friday evening. Started off otk on the bare with her hand, then moved to wheelbarrow position with her hand then hairbrush. Mixture of hard and light swats, whole thing lasted about 15 minutes then half an hour of corner time with a butt plug.
  4. well, i'm a woman spanked by a woman. she's definitely in charge in our relationship. in every sense of the word.
  5. Panties down for a trip over the knee. Hand, brush, belt, paddle, the works. Not stopping until my ass is completely red.
  6. I always like it when my partner lowers them. For discipline, I do it since it's about getting to business. When it's for pleasure, she does it and it adds to the excitement.
  7. My butt, post-spanking,
  8. Me too! I love the slow pull of my panties followed by the tug to get me into position then that first SMACK on my bare ass.
  9. In an adult sense, no, not yet, but it's something I want to try this year.
  10. Something else: release of emotion pent up inside
  11. I'm open to the idea of trying it. But for pleasure, not punishment/discipline.
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