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About Me

I am a switch. For me that means I am open to either spanking or being spanked. It would be great to have both in a single spanking connection, but that is rare and not essential. Being a switch just means being open to both sides  of the spanking experience. Whether I’m a spanker or spankee comes and goes, but is also a function of who I am with.  More recently I have been interested in experiencing more of the EE end of things after being mostly, but not exclusively, an ER for so long…

Spanking isn’t necessarily sexual for me. There is a big difference arousal and sexual. Spanking is sexual at times for those I am sexual with. Otherwise it might be arousing and exciting— or not. As such I am open to spanking experiences from anyone.

I am open to a wide range of spanking experiences from funishment to punishment, but prefer spanking as discipline. I prefer traditional forms of discipline, especially belts— thus the profile picture. I am into discipline not brutality, and because of negative experiences  friends have suffered, have spent a great deal of time meditating on consent, limits, safety, boundaries, and trauma in this kink of ours. Doesn’t mean I don’t like and want it real. I appreciate being made to push limits. But just saying— I’m not here to damage anyone.

It would be great to connect and meet through SN. If not it is good to talk about experiences, fantasies, bucket lists. I sometimes like role playing. Depends on the people and the vibe. I have never done directed spanking, but as they say, never say never. I am sure I could be coaxed into it by the right person.

I have had some problems with people on here and in real life, so I don’t give out my RL contact information like I used to.




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